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Something Like Fate (2010)

Something Like Fate (2010)

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0670011460 (ISBN13: 9780670011469)
Viking Juvenile

About book Something Like Fate (2010)

Something like fate is a really good book! I really liked it!! It was about a girls best friends boyfriend. The girl had a huge crush on her best friends boyfriend and then the boyfriend started to like her too. So while the best friend is at camp during summer, the girl and the best friends boyfriend become a "thing." So the girl tells her best friend and the best friend hates her. They don't talk the whole school year and she doesn't see the guy anymore because the best friend told her not to or she would never forgive her. So both of them were unhappy and had a bad high school year but were both in love with the same guy.I really liked this book because I like love stories and it was cute. Also I like the details about everything that happened with the boyfriend and the best friend. My favorite part of the book was when the girl finally kissed the boy because it was exciting that they finally got together!I recommend this book to girls in middle school and/or high school. It's a really good love story and I hope anyone who reads likes it as much as I did! Those moments when his eyes mesmerize yours. His smile makes your heart skip a beat. Changing the way you breathe; whenever he’s close to you. You think you may be falling for him. But.. You can’t have him. What he has for her is not love, it can’t be. But she’s your best friend and he’s her boyfriendLana and Erin have been best friends for a really long time. Erin has a new boyfriend and she’s persuading Lana to meet him. Erin prepared this double date with Lana, their other best guy friend, Jason and Erin. Lana really didn’t want to go because let’s admit who would want to be the third wheel? But she still did because this meant so much to Erin. When Jason and Lana met they had initially this undeniable chemistry and throughout the book you could actually feel how perfect they are for each other. But there’s a major problem. Lana loves him, but she can’t have him; she’s afraid to try. She can’t do that to her best friend, she owes her for god sake. Still, should she take the risk? Will the pain be worth it? Is Jason worth it? Sometimes in life you may experience some unrequited love, the most unselfish type there is –the type Lana feels for Jason. This story shows a lot of conflict between right and wrong, him or her, pride vs desire, faith and loyalty. Those conflicts made the book matured enough for me, but the author wrote it in a way it seemed childish. Like happy ever after, everything is solved. I’m glad for the happy ending but teenager’s problems are much more deeper than what the author portrayed them to be. Lana’s problems were deeper, and that made me dislike the book. Yes, it was an enjoyable read, but I felt insulted by the childish twist the author gave. As if teen issues aren’t that important. Therefore I enjoyed the story line, the characters personality, the easy vocabulary and the good quality of the book. But that solution really made me dislike the book. Therefore, I recommend this book to people who want a good yet quick read. Not that challenging yet good quality, and to those who love romance and books that they can relate to.

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Siento que hubo partes de relleno pero a pesar de ellos es un buen libro para pasar el rato.

I really enjoyed this. I love books that have a love triangle and are normal. Haha.

Worst. Book. Ever.


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