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Keep Holding On (2012)

Keep Holding On (2012)

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0670012254 (ISBN13: 9780670012251)
Viking Juvenile

About book Keep Holding On (2012)

Noelle was a girl who wasn't confident, she was poor, the school bully went out of her way to pick on her, and she and her mom didn't have the best relationship. As the book goes on, she gradually becomes more confident, talks to a counselor about her mom, speaks up to the school bully and begins building friendships with some people that she can trust. She is telling about how things can be really bad, but nothing is bad for ever; eventually things get better. Keep holding on. I liked this book because it teaches you to keep fighting no matter how rough things get. Don't ever give up on yourself. Things will eventually get better but it takes time and patients. I also like this book because it shows a girl over coming her fears and becoming more confident and being happy with her self. My favorite part of the book was when Noelle realized that if she wanted things to get better she couldn't just sit there and wait for it to happen, she had to do something to make it happen. She took it upon herself to make things better and she stopped trying to push people away. Keep Holding On by Susan Consonalto explains the life of Noelle. Noelle is a teen trying to find herself in the cruel world she lives in. She is constantly bullied at school. She also struggles at home dealing with her mother’s nagging and negative vibes. Keep Holding On gives hope to those who suffer. It shows the reader that speaking for yourself is sometimes the best and only option. Throughout Noelle’s story the reader will experience mixed emotions and the reader will get a taste of what it feels like to be bullied. I recommend this book to all teenagers suffering the consequence of bullying.

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Nada peor que una protagonista que se tiene lastima a si misma... Aun así me gusto.

This book was FANTASTIC!!!!

Review coming 07/07!

Also loved!


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