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Selling Scarlett (2013)

Selling Scarlett (2013)

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I gave this story a 4 1/2 stars.It's Action packed , full of mysteries that need solving .Emotional angst and Heartache that is unpalpable.Lots of Sexual innuendo's and very Dark situations that make your heart warm and your skin crawl all at the same time.I loved the charactors .The storyline was unique and a pleasure to read.I'd say the only thing i wanted different was the ending ,but their are more books in the series following the different charactors .I guess i'll have to read those books to see if i can keep up with Libby and Hunter. This is the first book I have read by Ella James, and lets just say she has me hooked now!!I could not put this book down when I started reading, it was just so good!! I love all of the characters and the plot of the story!! I am about to go read the next in the Love Inc series so that I can get another fix of Elizabeth (Liz,Lizzy,Libby), Hunter, Cross, Suri, Marchant, and the whole Love Inc crew!!

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Pretty hot! some parts were like a modern day pretty woman but with a lot more issues.

Fantastic free book, great story and characters. Just not enough "romance" for me.

it was really good but long and drawn out a some spots. but still a great read.

lots of potential, but more disappointment.

Quick and entertaining read.

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