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Rapariga Silenciosa (2011)

Rapariga Silenciosa (2011)

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Chinatown in Boston is like its own world. A severed hand and the body that go with it are discovered. The trail to finding the killer is complicated and seems to link back to a massacre 19 years before.Tamm a new detective that was assigned to the case because of his Chinese background is serious and a bit mysterious. Its like you never know what he is thinking.Two Chinese women, one older, one younger seem to know more than they are telling. Then there are the silver strands of hair found in a couple different places. Is the Stone Monkey truly in Chinatown. Is there really such a thing? It did save Rizzoli's life.Great Rizzoli and Isles mystery. This one was rich in Chinese culture, and an underlying blackness that had nothing to to with the Chinese in the end. I think this may be one of my favorite Rizzoli & Isles books. It's unusual; one of the characters relates her story in first person for a short time periodically through the book, then we return to the third person as is typical for Tess Gerritsen.It all starts with a murder in Chinatown, and apparent ties to a 19 year old murder suicide. Steeped in Chinese martial arts and folklore, this novel never slows its pace. I read it very quickly, ignoring the world around me, and was sorry when it ended. Luckily there is a bonus short story I can now read.This *could* be a stand alone book, but knowing the history of the main characters helped round out the story for me.Highly recommend!

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I really enjoyed this book. Murder, ritual, myths and humour.

I enjoyed the book immensely especially the oriental themes.

Fabulous read. I couldn't put it down.

Awesome.Loved every line of it.

Much prefer her later books

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