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Whistleblower (1998)

Whistleblower (1998)

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This is one of Gerritsen's earlier novels, before she became an acclaimed crime writer so it was interesting to see how she started out, especially because I'm so used to her crime novels. Before she was a crime thriller writer, she was a romantic thriller writer, that is, her novels were very much driven by romance with a special thrill to it and slowly, she began to evolve and morph into how she writes today which I absolutely love. She's my favourite crime novelist!In this book, Catherine (Cathy) Weaver accidentally crashes into a man - Victor Holland. Or so she thinks. She quickly drove him to the hospital and it was there that they found out that he was shot in the arm. She later finds a roll of film in her car which she mailed to her photography friend because she thought it belonged to him. Victor ran out of the hospital, undischarged to find Cathy, to make sure she was safe but Cathy could only laugh. This lunatic who was shot at is has tracked her down and ambushed her in her own home, exclaiming conspiracy theories about the government and biochemical weapons. It's all very hush-hush and nothing is official so it was natural that she didn't believe him that her own life was in danger. But then... Crazy things started happening when she learnt from the news that two other Cathy Weavers were murdered in her area. There's three Cathy Weavers in total so she was next.Victor and Cathy are swept up in this whirlwind of an adventure, running away from the authorities, dodging bullets and begging ex-husbands for help. They saved each other's lives and fall in love but of course, what sort of romance is it when all you've got is a couple of safe moments before having to run away again?There were a lot of sad, panicky moments but also a few funny moments too, which is why I love Gerritsen. She's come such a long way since being a romantic author. Her books still carry an essence of love and urgency but it is more crime-driven and I love it so, so much.

Victor Holland was running for his life, chased by men with guns. He runs out onto a road - and gets hit by Cathy Weaver's car. She brings him to the hospital, and leaves him there, thinking that her job is done. How wrong she was!In the night, someone comes hunting for a roll of film that Victor had, and in the process, her friend gets killed. Victor soon searches her out, and spills the whole story to her - it sounds so unbelievable, but she has to trust him, as two other Cathy Weavers have been murdered already, and it is obvious that her time is coming soon. She escapes with him, and they're plunged into one adventure after another. The romance storyline seemed a bit implausible to me, both of them falling in love with each other in such a short period of time, but overall, I did enjoy the book. It was a short read, I finished it in about two hours or so.

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Proje: Ölümcül Virüs 1992 yılında yazarın henüz acemi olduğu zamanlarda yazılmış tipik bir gerilim romanı idi. O yıllarda bu tip konuları olan televizyon dizilerinin çok revaçta olduğunu hatırlıyorum.Nefes kesici takip kovalamacanın olduğu bir romandı. Araya birde romantik bir aşk da sıkıştırılmıştı.Yinede romanı beğenerek okudum ama gönül isterdi ki katilin kim olduğunu tahmin edemeyeceğim bir roman olsun ve ben yerimde duramayayım.....Hikayenin başlangıcı müthiş idi yardıma muhtaç bir adam ona

I haven't read much mystery - I prefer paranormal - but my aunt passed this on to me so I figured I'd give it a good go. It was an incredibly quick read but that's the main thing it had to recommend it. The characters' had a good basis but weren't developed enough to induce me to feel a connection to them; I was half-expecting this because I thought that the focus would be more on the plot than on individual people within it. However, the plot just seemed to be a re-hash of things I've seen on TV numerous times; an innocent person stumbles on something they have no business knowing about and their life is consequently turned upside down as the bad guys try and find them. The writing was solid, if a little simplistic and I would definitely read more of the authors books if I acquired them in the future. All in all, this was possibly not the best introduction to mystery as a genre but it has not dissuaded me from branching out in my reading.

Mnerrrr - I've read a few Gerritsen novels & this one just didn't blow my whistle (pun intended).The dialogue read like a terrible TV script and at times there seemed moments on innapropiate humour for the sake of a joke. I couldn't work out the difference between Milo and Ollie and for a short while though that Savitch and Paoliski were the same person?? She needed to work on character development with this one.I liked Victor, I could visualise him in my head. But Clare just seemed like an irritating and desperate girl. And she would NOT shut up about Lily!It was cringey, patronising and OTT.Think that's the last I'll be reading of Gerritsen :/

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