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Pride & Popularity (2011)

Pride & Popularity (2011)

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About book Pride & Popularity (2011)

Pride and Popularity was a pretty good fluff read. However, you really need to keep in mind that it is a fluff read, or else you will be setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment. Here's what I liked.1. Pride and Prejudice retelling. Need I say more?2. All the fluff. I'll admit, this was probably one of the better fluff books I've read.3. The lack of the average young adult content. I know I'm in the minority when I say I don't drink, and my life doesn't revolve around sex. So this book was refreshing. I enjoyed reading other characters having the same ideals, even if they did act childish about it.4. The end! It was so cheesy, but I'll admit that I loved it.5. Taylor the hero. No spoilers, but I thought that was really awesome.6. Chloe's friends. She has so many cool friends that actually care about her, and I think that gets lost a lot in young adult because it's so focused on the romance.Here's what I didn't like.1. It was so watered down. I'm not going to lie, even though I enjoyed a book with the same ideals as me, the characters were so freaking perfect! I mean come on! If you don't want to swear, use normal substitution just like everyone else.2. As far as P&P retellings go, this one was a little lacking. I expected more chemistry between Chloe and Taylor. I also expected Taylor to be more Darcy-like. Darcy is not the varsity basketball superstar. He is the socially awkward kid that has, like, two friends.3. Chloe's parents. They were just caricatures and one-dimensional. Parents would never act like that, especially with the whole Collin thing. And also with the whole Cassidy ordeal. Most parents can pick out the warning signs.4. The ballet studio. I was hoping that more time in the book would be spent with Chloe in the studio, but after she gets her job back, it's mention like twice after that.5. Chloe's stupid friends. This was just one instance, but it really annoyed me. They're all like super good friends, so how in the heck could you forget your BFF's birthday?! And forgetting because of a date? What happened to hoes before bros? All in all, super fun quick read. Just don't expect anything more than that, and you won't be disappointed. Cheesy Pride and Prejudice retelling coming right up! With a side of ultra-conservative ideals! Okay, now that I got that off of my chest, I have to admit, (it's true) I actually kinda liked it in all of its corny-ness (I know, but I'm not sorry). I read it in just a couple of hours one evening--it's just fluff. But it's cute fluff. I actually thought the retelling worked pretty well in the high school setting, hitting all the important parts. It's super, super clean (like, SQUEAKY clean) and super conservative. So if that's not your style, than yeah, you'll hate it. But me? I'd recommend it. Especially to those parents that want something clean for their daughters.

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Kindle. Fun fast read. As you can imagine, the story isn't a huge surprise, but cute.

Very cute teenager-version of Pride and Prejudice. It was very clean and happy.

Loved this! Fun, light, sweet. Perfect read :)

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