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On Every Street (2013)

On Every Street (2013)

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About book On Every Street (2013)

I highly recommend reading this book prior to Sins and Needles. Everything would make sense. On every street is such a beautiful tragedy. So raw and soulful that I could not take my mind of it for a very long time. This trilogy is about evolution. I fell in love with Javier from when ,, the times were simple,, The Javier that still had a soul, a vulnerable Javier that wasn't afraid to show his weaknesses and tears. Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale...people can't live in a bubble. We all have to make choices in life, and when it comes to power and money, love can't be enough. Great things require a sacrifice, and some people are willing to loose their soul, reap their heart into pieces to get what they want. Especially when you think that everything in life happens for a reason. On every street is short but so intense and, to my mind, the best of all 4 books. Highly recommend it. Ok. I finished this in 2 hours, that's how unputdownable it was. Here we see the beginning of "Eden" and Javier's relationship. Getting to know Javier in this one surprised me, he wasn't all bad until he pissed me off royally. Like want to junk punch him pissed me off! I found myself wailing "whyyyyyyyyyyyy, why would you do this?" I hate you, but I love you, Javier Bernal! And after reading this after Sins & Needles I found myself thinking "oh fudge! I love, love, Camden but I think I may sort of, kind of, love Javier too. I can love them both, can't I? Shooting Scars may be the deciding factor.

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Loved loved loved it :)

Waaaay to cheeesy

Great series


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