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My Side (2013)

My Side (2013)

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About book My Side (2013)

I wanted to like this book and I even made it to 50% before I had to quit. I very rarely ever stop reading half way through but.....The whole book was SO full of errors (so many that I couldn't even figure out what was going on at times) and the plot was so muddled that it just didn't make sense sometimes. I thought I was in one scene, and suddenly I was somewhere else, and I had no idea how I got there. Things didn't flow.It could have been good and I could see the potential there, but I couldn't do it. This book is about a girl and a guy who soon discover they have rented the same apartment. Their first encounter is unforgettable and I found myself hooked straight from the start. It’s a funny book which contains some unexpected turns. But overall I loved the book, and I also loved the way Lochlan (male lead) was towards Erin (female lead). The fact that he gives her the nickname, “Princess”, made me laugh. It’s so cute. His affection and concern for Erin melted my heart. Although, there were times when I wanted to choke Lochlan, because of his actions towards his female fans. (Lochlan is the lead singer of a band that has been getting a lot of attention lately.) Anyway, I found myself getting jealous for Erin because of the way the female groupies were to Lochlan. The ending was incredible and cute. I couldn’t have picked a better way to end their love story. The book does contain some sexual scenes, but that’s just the kind of books I read. I label this book as a favorite, and I’d highly recommend it. In conclusion, I give it a rating of 4 / 5. :-)))

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part of my Tara Brown hype, cute book, easy read, enjoyed it, and I loved the characters.

Is a great book to read forever and ever since the heart of a great book to read

What a fab book, great twists and turn

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