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Love, In English (2014)

Love, in English (2014)

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This is our first ever review posted so hope I do it justice.Even though I thoroughly enjoy reading erotic romance, I was hesitant to read this book based on the synopsis. The idea of an older married, successful man getting involved with a younger, single, tattooed woman didn’t appeal too much, but due to the high ratings of the majority of reviewers, I decided to give it a chance. Vera Miles is a beautiful, vivacious, free-thinking, twenty-something Canadian who likes to dance, drink and parties. However, her difficult relationship with her divorced parents as a result of her father’s affair, affected her ability to trust, to open her heart until she meets Mateo Casalles, a former, well known Spanish athlete who is now a successful owner of restaurants in Madrid. Vera is a likeable character and you get to see how complex life can become as a product of a broken home. As a young woman, she gropes with the painful past of her father’s affair. When she meets Mateo, he awakens a unfamiliar feeling that scares her but at the same time, touches a part of her being that she never thought existed..falling in love. We do see her emotional struggles and guilt as now she is the other woman and the guilt of the effect she will have on Mateo’s relationship with his young daughter.I found Mateo a bit more difficult to like at times. A suave, smooth talker with a way with words, yes! Panty-melting, hot looks, absolutely! Yet, he was married. True, he was in a loveless marriage and stayed married for the sake of the daughter he adored. This does, in fact, occur in real life as well. In this situation,you realize it took meeting Vera for him to also awaken to the fact that the lovely, young tattooed woman, his “Estrella”, made him feel love again and gave him the willingness to fight for that love. As for their ‘love story’, you do get immersed in their desire for one another and for them to make it through the many obstacles their love would need to endure in order to survive. Sex scenes are hot, passionate and unbridled. I am sure this love will continue to be tested in the sequel, “Love, in Spanish”.Overall, I liked "Love, in English" but had hoped the subject of adultery was handled a bit more differently. Once surpassing that in the form of Mateo's divorce, I was definitely caught up in the love between Vera and hot, sexy Mateo. Love, in English- Karina Halle- OK lots of disclaimers with this book about cheating, adultery but I kept seeing it pop up on FB Amazon and Goodreads so when I saw it for .99 I snagged it. Vera is a beautiful soul who seems to want to live life to the fullest but she is afraid to really live because of her father. She goes to Spain for a month to help Spanish speaking business people learn to speak more fluent English. Vera is late for the bus and ends up sitting next to Mateo a beautiful Spanish Footballer that now owns restaurants. I love their connection to each other throughout this month. She is always conscious of his married status and fights her feelings for him. It is quite romantic but not always a happy ending. Vera and Mateo go thru a lot in this book and I had to click and get Love, In Spanish to read the rest of the story. Really an amazing read.

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New author for me and straight in best of the best loved this book!

A human story with human emotions.I loved it.


3,5 stars

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