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In Bed With Mr. Wrong (2014)

In Bed with Mr. Wrong (2014)

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Entangled: Brazen

About book In Bed With Mr. Wrong (2014)

In Bed with Mr. Wrong? By Katee Roberts Bri wanted one thing when she moved to the town of Wellington, PA; stability and a place to call home. Yes, everyone seems to know your business, but it is more a sense of family making sure all is ok. What she was not looking forward to was the blind date that her friends Avery and Drew set her up for. As a favor, she agreed to go on a date with Drew's brother who was on leave from the Air Force. What she was not expecting was a man that looked like Superman. Ryan, back home for the first time in ten years, agreed to go on this date to make his brother and his friend happy. This was the last thing he wanted when he left Wellington for the Air Force, a sleepy little town that had their nose up in your business and would not let go of past mistakes. What he did not expect was a librarian that stole his ability to speak. Taking this as a sign of disappointment about the way she looked, Bri went on the defensive and insulted him within seconds. The date was disastrous, however what happened on the front porch when he dropped her off was anything but. Both struggling with this love/hate pull they seem to have for each other, they are once again thrown together by Avery and Drew. Finally breaking down each other's walls, they see that they are not that different. Bri agrees to make it a go even though his job would take him away often, unfortunately their ten days together was cut short when they get the news that he needs to return to base immediately. Bri lets fear take over and does what she does best erect her walls and push him away. Will Ryan be able to break them down before it is too late and he is half way across the world? Will Bri stop allowing fear of being abandoned threaten the one man, who in one night, has turned her world upside down and given her a glimpse of what she truly wants? Can she get to him before he is deployed? Fun hot read.lust at first sight.Forced on a blind date by her friend and his brother who were a couple. That date went terribly wrong and later they claimed to hate each other but the cunning couple didn't give up.They tricked them into going to a log cabin in heavy snow sayin they needed help, they stole there cars leaving them stranded they had no option but to sweat it out in more ways than one.

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Good and smutty and will read the series! Good pick of the Kindle Smut group

The book made me laugh. Quite enjoyed it. Wish it would have been longer

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