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Meeting His Match (2014)

Meeting His Match (2014)

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1633750302 (ISBN13: 9781633750302)
Entangled Publishing, LLC - Lovestruck

About book Meeting His Match (2014)

This was a very sweet story about finding that person that completes you. Caine is a wonderful man. All his adult life, he's worked taking over his family business as CEO and trying to make his father happy. When his sister-in-law sends her friend Addison, a matchmaker, to Tennessee, he's annoyed she's there. But soon he starts falling for her instead of the women she tries to set him up with. Addison's high school sweetheart and husband was killed in the military after them only being married three years. She doesn't believe in a person having more than one true love so she's hesitant and confused about the feelings she's developing towards Caine. He'll have a hard time proving he's the one to make her happy.Caine is a sweetheart! He tried to come across as this tough guy who's intimidating, but around Addison he was always a big ole teddy bear to me. He knew immediately she was the one he wanted and basically blew off the dates he was set up on. Addison was insecure of her feelings and drove me a little nuts, but by the end I was pulling for her as much as Caine. 4.5 Stars!This is a quick read, but a fun and sexy one! Caine is quite delicious. Their sparks fly all over the place immediately. Cain is irritated and a little ego-bruised when Addison blows into his life insisting that he needs her to find him a woman. Not just any woman, his soul mate. He realizes pretty quickly that he just wants her. I always love a hero who knows when he meets the right woman, doesn’t fight it, and he pursues her. Caine definitely made me swoon a time or two with his wit and sexiness!"I'm not going to tattoo my name on your ass. I'm asking you to be my girlfriend.”Addison is sweet and lively. She is full of energy and appears very carefree, on the outside. Inside, she is sad and quite lonely. A dedicated matchmaker who seems sweet but has a dry sarcasm that seeps out from time to time."So let me get this straight. You have no hobbies. You don't care what this woman looks like as long as she can "doll herself up" and entertain herself and pop out a few babies for you?" I loved Addison at first, however, she did begin to frustrate me. She took much too long to come to the realization that while Aiden may or may not have been her soul mate, Cain may be a 2nd chance at love and a family. She clings to the belief that we only get one soul mate with a death grip. I would have liked to see her come to this realization a little quicker. She could still be afraid to take a chance with Cain,but her comments about soul mates began to be too repetitive. However, I very much enjoyed this book! The ending was sweet and I truly loved them as a couple. Plus, I do love an epilogue...

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God no...just terrible. Predictable as hell and Allison was dumb af.

Great book loved the pace and the ending

Loved these characters, great read xxx

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