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Wrong Bed, Right Guy (2012)

Wrong Bed, Right Guy (2012)

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Entangled Publishing, LLC (Brazen)

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Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by a contest win for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookCan you say hot and to die for?Elle believes she has a radar that helps her find the bad guys. She can’t seem to find the one that is right for her. Her mom is never happy with anything she does and tries to pick out the right guy for her. Tell me who really wants to go out with a guy that our mom would pick out for us? Not me that’s for sure. So Elle decides to take matters into her own hands and pick a guy that looks safe. So in come the seduction of her boss.Gabe has just came in from ironing out things at his L.A. club. He’s brother tells him that he can sleep at his art gallery. He gets woken up in the middle of the night by a woman that is really coming on strong and he decides what the heck. Needless to say after the one and only orgasm of Elle’s life she figures out that it’s not her boss and runs screaming.This book was so exciting to read. The sex was hot and boy you just got to love a man with tattoo’s. So Elle finds out that looks can be deceiving and that the heart wants what the heart wants. If I had Elle’s mom I would never answer my phone unless I really needed to. She just overrides everyone and then makes them feel bad about not doing what she wants.I enjoyed some laughs and I liked watching Elle and Gabe together. It was great to see a wonderful man that really knows how to get to a woman’s heart. He also is bossy. He knows what he wants and he goes and gets it.Elle really needed some help. She had trust issues and I can’t say that I blame her. It’s very understandable that with her issues she wouldn’t trust Gabe when she sees him with another woman. I love the way that she makes it up to him.I am now done with the book and am coming down from a major high. I am sad that I am done and I was left wanting more. The way the book ended I hope that it means there will be more to come. There were some unanswered questions with both of their brothers and we didn’t get to the bottom of Gabe and Elle’s plans. So I will be looking for another book and let’s hope I’m not disappointed.Thanks to Katee for writing such a wonderful book. I was left feeling really hot and wanting more. I will be looking for more books from this author to add to my library. what to say...Well the begining had potential even the summary but now that I read through it erm... I regret ticking this book as a to-read. what you think will happend is happening, no surprise. the tiny (shitty) cliffhanger: expected.the guy she picks: expectedthe end of the book: expected. why?? this made me laugh at the beginning so i had hope it would be good but nope. Why did the author have to ruin the story afterward? some parts are really irrelevant. I think the author just needed to fill the book with something. the attraction between the characters was ok though.2 stars because 2

Do You like book Wrong Bed, Right Guy (2012)?

Very entertaining...a little bit unbelievable but what are this fiction books for?

After the first page started out with so much intent, I was letdown by the rest.

Yeah I would definitely give this a 4++. Great book..

Heroine was too snotty for me to enjoy.

June 2014

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