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Girl Of Nightmares (2012)

Girl of Nightmares (2012)

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0765328666 (ISBN13: 9780765328663)
Tor Teen

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It was great to revisit these characters, and I really liked the continuation of the story. It's just that the ending, while all-around proper and touching, still seemed a bit "abrupt" as far as Anna & Cas's relationship is concerned. I still wish there was a bit ore exploration about *why* Cas loves Anna, aside from admiration and understanding, but then there's always the risk that such exploration would slow down the story too much so i can let it slide ;) This book was recommended to me after I had read the first book. Reading this book made me felt like that I had physically been to hell. Cas Lowood a ghost hunter, he was suppose to kill the dead, instead he felt sorry for her, he even fell in love with her, a ghost. But who can stop him from loving her, no one. Anna, who was murdered long time ago, she the ghost who sacrifice herself so Cas could be alive, she had opened the door to hell. But now Cas sees her in terrible visions that only he could see, to everyone else he was becoming crazy because of his loss of his beloved ghost, Anna. Cas tells, "It's Anna's dress. I blink my eyes hard twice. But it's her dress. Not even when my fingers are against the glass display. I glance back at Amanda, Derek, and the others. They look as shell-shocked…but by tomorrow they'll be laughing hysterically" (Blake 25). After multiple times seeing Anna, Cas founded out that this vision might be related to the athame, a special knife Cas uses to kill the dead. His hypothesis led him to ask Gideon, the closest father- like person he has. This mysterious Gideon led them to this company, The Order- who marked the athame. On their way they met this girl named, Jestine Rearden -who says she is Gideon's niece, but soon they figure out she was hiding her true identity. Cas wanted to pull Anna back from hell to his world, so they can be together, but will that be so easy as it seems? His mother warned Cas, "I know you want to save her. I know you have to. But when the time comes, if the price is too high, I want you to remember that you're my son"(Blake 94). Another example, is when Jestine told him the 'price', "They've have done it before. They'll do it again for you, if you're willing to pay the price" (Blake 125). Even his mother and Jestine knew the price is too high, but obviously Cas is one of those people who is determined. Even myself don't want him to save her, but that led me to feel that it's very selfish to say that. Will he successfully save him, will be the major conflict Cas and his friends will face.

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Beni Bırakmayı bırakıp bunu bitirdim. Sonundan dolayı içim acıyo. :'(

It was good, but the first was better.

The first book was a lot better.

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