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Anna Dressed In Blood (2011)

Anna Dressed in Blood (2011)

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0765328658 (ISBN13: 9780765328656)
Tom Doherty

About book Anna Dressed In Blood (2011)

My last book of 2014 and what a way to end it. I haven't read many five star books in the last few months, but this has definitely changed that! This book had everything I could have asked for from it: a gripping plot, a sarcastic hero, side characters with actual point to the story, an epic villain and a romantic sub-plot that isn't shoved down our throats like bad cough medicine. In my opinion, this is an amazing novel and a must-read for YA fans everywhere. Oh, and if Tybalt isn't one of your favourites, then you're reading it wrong! I thought this book was outstanding. This is definitely the best book I've ever read. The connection between all of the characters was amazing. When I first started reading I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, considering I'm a very picky reader. Once I started I couldn't stop, my eyes would not peel from the pages. I read this book in two days and the second day, I had only two chapters left to read (Not including the epilog of the sequel). It is a great story of a relationship between a killer ghost and a ghost hunter. I cant say too much without spoiling it for anyone, but you will definitely fall in love with Anna and Cas. The story line includes merderous and horrific ghost stories, and maybe more than one romance. Cas meets some friends in the town that Anna (Dressed in Blood) lives in. Together they will solve a problem that soon ties into many more. If you like mystery and ghost stories, I guarantee you will absolutely adore this book. There is great irony and you will never want to put the book down. I hope you read this book. I am planing to read it multiple times after this and can not wait to get my hands on "Girl of Nightmares" (The sequel).

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Speechless. Seriously Speechless for 2 weeks.

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