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Series: Anna

by Author Mary Downing Hahn


Anna on the Farm (2003)

For a girl that lives in the city, a summer vacation is the perfect thing to get out of the dead heat. Anna cannot imagine going to the beach or to the mountains like her friends because her family can simply not afford it. When she begs her parents to go on a vacation, they give the chance to sp...

Anna on the Farm (2003) by Mary Downing Hahn

Anna All Year Round (2001)

Although Anna All Year Round, based on the childhood of author Mary Downing Hahn's own mother, is rather episodic (with not much of a plot and little narrative tension and excitement), the short, descriptive vignettes of early 20th century childhood (in Baltimore, Maryland) are pure delight; they...

Anna All Year Round (2001) by Mary Downing Hahn

Anna vestida de sangre (2012)

The author used the first person present tense which made the flow of the book choppy and juvenile sounding. I get what she was trying to do but it wasn't working and at that point in writing she should've rewritten it in a different tense. (Shocking I know) but it was obviously not flowin'. And ...

Anna vestida de sangre (2012) by Kendare Blake

Girl of Nightmares (2012)

It was great to revisit these characters, and I really liked the continuation of the story. It's just that the ending, while all-around proper and touching, still seemed a bit "abrupt" as far as Anna & Cas's relationship is concerned. I still wish there was a bit ore exploration about *why* Cas l...

Girl of Nightmares (2012) by Kendare Blake

Dívka z nočních můr (2013)

This book, though good, was to say a second book. It was lacking the same finesse of Anna Dressed in Blood, but that was mostly because it was largely missing Anna. I found that mostly there was no point to this book. Almost nothing was accomplished and i could have lived without it. Cas Lowood g...

Dívka z nočních můr (2013) by Kendare Blake

Anna desde el infierno (2013)

Words can't even explain my love for this book I stayed up super late reading it because the ending was so intense I was literally tearing up. The characters in this story are spot on and the character development is great. This book definitely creeped me out the Obeahman still haunts my dreams a...

Anna desde el infierno (2013) by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood (2011)

My last book of 2014 and what a way to end it. I haven't read many five star books in the last few months, but this has definitely changed that! This book had everything I could have asked for from it: a gripping plot, a sarcastic hero, side characters with actual point to the story, an epic vill...

Anna Dressed in Blood (2011) by Kendare Blake