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Anna Desde El Infierno (2013)

Anna desde el infierno (2013)

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About book Anna Desde El Infierno (2013)

Words can't even explain my love for this book I stayed up super late reading it because the ending was so intense I was literally tearing up. The characters in this story are spot on and the character development is great. This book definitely creeped me out the Obeahman still haunts my dreams and the suicide forest is just uhh *shiver. This is not a book I recommend for young readers it's pretty gruesome and strong language is used a lot. But I went on an amazing adventure with Anna and Cas and I hope you (older readers) do to and I definitely plan to read more by this author in the future. As this is a sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood, please note there are some spoilers in this review pertaining to the first book. However, my thoughts would be vague for this sequel. ___________________________________________Six months have passed since Anna Korlov sarcrificed herself and was perished to hell, together with the Obeahman who'd tried to kill them all. Cas, our hero, has difficulties forgetting Anna despite his sidekicks, Carmel and Thomas, asked him to let everything go. How could he, when she had saved him twice? Plus, he has fallen in love with her. Despite Anna is a ghost and she would never come back, Cas still pines for her and thinks no other girls would be able to compare with his dear Anna. Missing her or not, Cas now finds himself seeing Anna everywhere. Is it real or just his hallucinations? He has no answers; but there's one thing he wants to know is, what happened to her after she opened that door to Hell in her basement on that fateful day. Girl of Nightmares takes off right where Anna Dressed in Blood left. In this sequel, we see a more vulnerable Cas. He's still a warrior in every sense, but his fighting spirit clashes with his doubts; thinking if Anna is back and/or if she suffers where she was perished. He's suffering too, both in his mind and heart. I missed the old witty Cas back in Anna Dressed in Blood; however this vulnerable side of him made me think that he too has sentimental values, and not just any boy who would forget and move on. For this, I couldn't help but to feel empathy towards him. Thomas, on the other hand, has made me looked at him in a new light in this sequel. If I thought he was nothing but a psychic in the first book, then this sequel has made him into someone more important; someone whom Cas relies on when he is in need of him. If Anna Dressed in Blood is an action-packed paranormal, then I have to say Girl of Nightmares has something more; it was emotional and there are definitely more actions, since Cas and his sidekicks would do anything to save Anna from Hell, and from the Obeahman. The journey there was an extremely intense read! I was sorry that this story has come to an end; I'd enjoyed it so much. The ending. . . I just have to say it was satisfying. I couldn't think of any ending better than that. Oh, before I end this post, Ms. Blake has another new paranormals out - Antigoddess and Mortal Gods, and I'm very curious about these two books. Hopefully they would be as good as Cas and Anna's stories.

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I liked the first book way better than this one. It took me a while to get into this book.

Had mixed feelings but I love the characters too much to not like the book

I laughed so hard about Thomas and the gingersnaps.


I liked it. So, is there a sequel?

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