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Ghost Town (2010)

Ghost Town (2010)

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About book Ghost Town (2010)

Claire is working with Myrnin on repairing the computer that keeps the town safe from outsiders, and insiders unable to leave. Preferably without adding a human brain this time, especially as Myrnin seems to want to use hers...She has managed to repair the portal system, but so far things going through end up being dust. Then one evening when her friend Eve is at a rave with a new friend, things are getting really bad. Vampires crash the party and start killing and be killed, and Eve and Shane cannot leave Eve in danger, and rush in to save her. In self defense, Claire kills a vampire, and the punishment for that is high. Especially as it was al instigated by a local college boy, who killed his Protector. Thinking that humans now can take over control of the town from the Vampires. She will have to work on the computer non-stop, without sleep, for as long as she can keep awake. If she fails, it will be her brain that will be used after all. After many long days and nights of working, with only very short food and bathroom breaks, Claire manages it. But the system has flaws, and Myrnin won’t acknowledge that as he is living in the past again and doesn’t recognize her. The town is becoming dangerous again, Olivier challenges Amelie and wins, so what will happen to them?Claire and her friends have to find a way to shut the machine down ...I am still not much a fan of YA, but this series is just so good. I never know what will happen next, and the characters are truly unique. Some scary, some good and some stupid. But I like all the main characters, and of course love to hate the evil ones, like Monica.And surprise, this book does not have an evil cliffhanger like many others. Of course, I still want to read the rest of the series, and hope to pick up book 10 soon. 8 stars. Rachel Caine has once again delivered a wild adventure in Morganville filled with crazy twists, snark-worthy dialog and a perfect set of characters that kept me glued to every page. I loved Ghost Town and after waiting six long months for this book and devouring it in a few short hours, I’m back to anticipating the release of the next installment. Bite Club can’t get here fast enough!!There was plenty of action in this book and squee-worthy Claire and Shane moments that had me re-reading paragraphs at a time. Myrnin made me laugh, kept me on edge and broke my heart all in a matter of a few hundred pages. As always, I never know what to expect from him besides a shoe collection that has me searching the internet for his style of slippers. Shane was perfect as always in this book. I love his relationship with Claire and his friendship with Eve and Michael. Michael, oh Michael, there never seems to be enough of him in any of the books. What a great set of characters that blend and contrast in all the right ways. Ghost Town doesn’t waste any time taking off with a heavy dose of insane and wild. Claire Danvers is developing a new system to maintain Morganville’s defenses, but the result has unexpected consequences. As soon as the system is activated humans and vampires in the town of Morganville suffer from memory lapse, which creates a full on epidemic of hysteria. While the town is turned upside down, the power shift between Amelie and Oliver causes additional chaos where Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve must work together to bring order back to their town all the while trying to cope with their own memory loss.Reading these books puts me in a setting that feels familiar and full of crazy, which feels about right… every single time. There’s no denying… I’m addicted and I want more. If you’re a fan of vampire lore and love your stories filled with wild adventure, this series is a MUST and Ghost Town does not disappoint!Favorite Quotes Mostly Shane quotes BTW. :)"I’m not dropping my pants,” Shane said. “I just thought I’d say that up front.”'What’s snogging?” Shane asked. “Ridiculous displays of inappropriate affection in front of me. Roughly translated. And what are you doing here?” Myrnin was genuinely offended, Claire realized. Not good."You are not a ninja, Shane." Claire said. "I watched all the movies. I just haven't gotten the certificate from the correspondence course yet." Eve looked at Claire. "Really? Is he running for Worst Boyfriend Ever?" "In the subcategory of Completely Awesome," Shane said, and stole some of her fries.(

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