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Desire Unchained (2009)

Desire Unchained (2009)

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Didn't really like it more or less than the first one which is a good thing. Sometimes with these it's a quick drop off after the first.Jem is still one of my favorite things.I listened to the audio this time instead of reading it. I don't know if I prefer one over the other (and I usually have a preference). It's one of those that you hear and you're like, "OOOOOOH SO *THAT'S* HOW YOU PRONOUNCE THAT!" I don't know...I did like it, but there were times when I was just not enjoying the read. It was too dark, too sad, too...idk, I wanted to scream for things to just go the way I wanted!Roag was...a serious bad really. Bad. Damn. I was cringing.Shade, I wanted to slap the shit out of him and then I wanted to cuddle him.Runa was good, she was strong and sweet and not irritating--yay her!Wraith--I want one.Kynan--I want one.Interested to read Wraith's story and to keep up with the series but I need a bit of a break, it was pretty intense, it just never let up.

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