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Estasi Eterna (2012)

Estasi eterna (2012)

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About book Estasi Eterna (2012)

I really love this series. I don't care which brother of sister, but this books are fantastic. Great job, jet again miss Ione.So, Lore is half Seminus demon, half human, and family of Eidolon, Shade and Wraith. He's also an assassin and has to kill Kynan, friend of his brothers or his sister, Sin, will be killed. He tries to kill Kynan, but is stopped by Idess, an angel who is born and is waiting to ascend to Heaven. She has to stop Lore or she won't ascend. Fortunately for us, both think they can handle each other and they didn't count on the attraction to each other. Naturally Lore is a half breed Sem demon, so he has to have sex, but Idess is an angel and has to remain pure. The beginning of a story with sweet releases and chains...Also in the hospital thinks are getting haywire. Doctors and nurses are fighting, at the expence of the patients. A demon out of the past is trying to destroy the brothers, every brother!I liked the story, a lot! I really liked Idess and how she's handling the situation about Kynan and Lore. And j'adore Sin. I can't wait to read her story!For me: 4.5 stars and I'm exciting for the next book! (If there are any vocabulary mistakes, I apologize. English is not my native language.) I think the same thing at the end of each of these books. Wow. They just stay so freaking good. I was nervous with this one. When first introduced to Lore I was a little on the fence. New brother, bad, bad guy. Well, I am the first to admit how wrong I was. I loved Lore. There was so much to him. He was very, very broken and was in desperate need to be redeemed. The want for his brothers was beautiful and I wanted it for him so much. And then there is an Angel…well, an almost Angel. I had no idea how this was going to play out. Wraith’s book did the virgin thing and now we were getting the celibate thing. Well, it played out. Idess was a force. She herself was broken but the true “her” that was inside was a force that you could see would have to come out to play. These two finding each other under the worst of circumstances was done perfectly. I felt their connection immediately and loved that it held and healed. PNR at its finest.

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I love how he found himself. I love how she loved him.

Larissa sure knows how to mess with our...loins.

Good read...

Another hit

Do Like :D/

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