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Brivido Eterno (2011)

Brivido eterno (2011)

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8865080655 (ISBN13: 9788865080658)

About book Brivido Eterno (2011)

I could not put this book down. I was hooked from the start. I had a book hangover after reading this through the night and then going to work first thing in the morning. The plot was engaging, we get to meet many different characters, whose stories get told through the series, and everything intertwines. I love it! A nice balance between the mundane ordinary world and the demon underworld with all it's different species. E and Tayla's story remain one of my favorites, I especially loved seeing more of them mentioned throughout the series. I am writing this review after reading 4 books of the series....well I have to admit her writing justify this Paranormal Romance series.....mixing urban fantasy with steamy and erotic story.Story line puts you on the edge to keep going....1st chapter wasnt the strong mark of the book...and I have to put the book down thrice before reaching the point of complete addicting and then finished in one go.He is a demon doctor and she is a demon-slayer. She been taught to believe that all demons are evil but her world gonna take a swing...not just about demons....moreover she falls for one of demon....but her own torn past....and about her father.Eidolon is a doctor in a demon hospital who sworn to heal and protect even the worst of his race. he is a seminus demon who is nearing his transition and want to bond with a woman. He is not just eldest but strongest among his brothers also...with family values and go to any extent to keep his family intact ( not related with this book but to 4th one:P)Fighting his maturity is a daily battle, that becomes harder when Tayla enters his life. And though she fought him tooth and nail from the moment they meet, eventually he falls for her.....and knows that he will have to break down her walls or risk both their futures.

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Awesome action packed and sexy as all Hades!


loved it !!

4.5 stars.


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