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Passione Eterna (2012)

Passione eterna (2012)

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Book 3. Wraith and Serena. Fast-paced with calculated and efficient action scenes. Serena is the perfect match for Wraith - daring, intelligent, humorous. The writing allows the characters to be sappy while making fun of themselves at the same time. Lore is introduced and possesses a gloved hand that kills, much like another popular paranormal character. More emphasis on fallen angels in this story. Overall, a quick, easy, interesting paranormal romance.B+, re-read 3/5 Reread on 02/27/2014What is it about this book? I've read the Demonica and Horsemen series but I keep coming back to this one as my favorite. I was actually going to give up on the series altogether except I wanted to finish the love story that goes on in the background between Kynan and Gem. [man how I wanted these two crazy kids to be together!]And the funniest thing to me was the fact that I hated H-A-T-E-D Wraith in the first two books. Except for one scene with him sharing a beer with Kynan, I couldn't stand the guy.Now Josh on the other hand....[sigh]Passion Unleashed (man, what a stupid title) is a great story of redemption. Serena is a fantastic heroine: strong, independent, fully fleshed out. The best part about Serena is that she doesn't do stupid things. There's always a reason she does what she does in the book. I only wish she popped up like Wraith does in the later books. In any case, this is going to be a book I will probably reread annually. It has a good plot, believable dialogue, and the main characters' relationship grows naturally. There's laughter and heartbreak and epic end-of-the-world action scenes.Seriously, the action sequences (the prologue, the hotel, the tomb, the train, the street chase, and the big battle) are AWESOME. It was like a movie. It's best to trudge through the first two books to get to this one rather than jumping into the series not knowing who's who.

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Wraith's gotta be the most intriguing of the Sem brothers...another good read.

I simply love this book!Review to come soon

Wow loving these books

One word, irritating.

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