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Blue Exorcist, Tome 2 (2010)

Blue exorcist, Tome 2 (2010)

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About book Blue Exorcist, Tome 2 (2010)

Rin and Yukio are fraternal twin brothers with two very different personalities and abilities. For the youngest twin, Yukio, he is very intelligent, likeable, and successful. In fact, Yukio is the youngest exorcist to ever be enrolled at True Cross Academy and Father Fujimoto (his guardian) is very proud of him. For Rin, the eldest twin, he is the opposite of Yukio with a short temper, a tendency to get into fights, and lacks academic discipline. Although Father Fujimoto is more protective of Rin, Rin wants nothing more than to find his place in this world. As Yukio gets ready for school, Rin must find a job because it's about time that he learns some responsibility so he, too, can be a productive member of society. However, what should have been an easy process, turns complicated when Rin realizes that he can see demons and ends up losing his job over protecting a little girl being plagued by demons. Rin may not understand why he can see demons, but the truth about who he is comes with a great price. Unbeknownst to Rin, but he was chosen by Satan to be his liason between the realm of the demons (Gehenna) and the realm of the humans (Assiah). When Satan possesses, and murders Father Fujimoto, Rin vows that he will avenge his "real" father and defeat Satan. After meeting Mephisto, Rin tells him that he will destroy Satan and tells him that he wants to be an exorcist. However, as a demon, his role as an exorcist will not only make him target from other exorcists, but every demon will come after him. Although Rin has no problem with the fighting and death part of being an exorcist, he has to face one of the greatest challenges of his life: succeed at True Cross Academy by doing homework, showing up to class on time, and learn the power of team work. I felt that however similar the subject matter is to series that came before, this one acts less predictably. There are no loose ends, every bit of the plot is being put to work. The characters are made to act and react in a way that makes more sense compared to other characters in manga, especially the main character, Rin; he has his cheesy moments, but they're very few, he's actually a breath of fresh air and very likable. Character development would suggest there are many layers to all of the characters, I haven't lost interest in any of them or found them obnoxious in the usual way. Similarly the demons, abilities and fighting techniques appear well researched and are creatively drawn and showcased. The pacing is impressive and the humor once again, delightful, and the darker scenes, effectively horrifying. Nicely balanced series so far.

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The entire book was awesome, but the bonus story was definitely the best part.

27 Aug 13The story is exciting, I really like the graphics of the book.

Can't get enough of this manga...... XD

Still trying to get through this series.

Really good second volume!

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