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Blue Exorcist 01 (2012)

Blue Exorcist 01 (2012)

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Ahh, Blue Exorcist... What to say about this. I've watched the complete season of the anime and it's truly one of my absolute favorites. So, because of Anime Hangover, I wanted to pick this up and see how the story progresses and where it's going since the anime took a completely different turn from the manga. I really enjoy this story and I'm in love with Rin. Oh and Shiemi! Not much to say since I know what happens so yup! 5 stars. I'm ready for more Rin Okumura. P.S If I hadn't seen the anime, I wouldn't be able to say this but what I absolutely love about this story is the character growth. It's absolutely incredible & it's something that I look for in the stories I read. I like the characters, the drawings are fantastic, the dialogue's great, and it isn't often I enjoy the comic relief in manga but I did here. I was weary of the concept before picking it up, I rather not have anything to do with satanic activity, but aside from one especially frightening scene, it's a lot tamer than I thought. The two introductory chapters were excellent, real cool, but I'll admit it got a little juvenile as it progressed to the third. But, I'm hooked; I will definitely be reading volume two.

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What a different but funny read! My first manga volume ever and certainly not the last

i really like this manga books because im a fan of blue exorcist ^_^

this manga is interesting

Really loved it!

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