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Blue Exorcist, Tomo #1 (2011)

Blue Exorcist, Tomo #1 (2011)

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About book Blue Exorcist, Tomo #1 (2011)

Ao no Exorcist is a testament why I will grow old reading manga. Japanese graphic novels still makes me breathless when I encounter such grand undertaking of a taboo idea.The son of lucifer is the hero, and he founds salvation on his mortal Father's love. Sure, it's a lot of cheese, but I thought the undertaking was great. Should really take some time to continue this. But excellent shounen art. I liked the idea of the exorcists and the vaticans attempt to purge the world of evil... Because it has some historical roots. Kudos for the balls in trying to tell it! من بلد نیستم مانگا بخونم :| انیمه و مانگا رو همزمان دیدم/خوندم. فرق خاصی نداشتن. ولی انیمه دیدن آسون تر بود...داستانش... خدا این داستان :)) چقدر من این دوتا رو دوست دارم! مخصوصاً داداش کوچیکه رو. یعنی از قهرمان داستان اونقدر خوشم نمیاد که داداش کوچیکش رو دوست دارم...ولی داستانش هنوز به جای خاصی نرسیده...+ بچگی های رین و یوکیو خوشگل تره...+ یه کم گشتم، انگار معنی اسم داداش بزرگه توی ژاپنی سرده، اسم داداش کوچیکه برف :-"

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I think this series has great potential, though I don't like it as much as Soul Eater...


AWESOME! Funny and exciting, I can't wait to read the next volume!

Wow- bad graphic novel hard to read- strange plot- ick

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