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Ao No Exorcist, Tom 1 (2013)

Ao No Exorcist, tom 1 (2013)

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About book Ao No Exorcist, Tom 1 (2013)

it was a very interesting series reminds me a little of naruto how in the beginning see him as a monster then he seeks to become something amazing but unlike naruto he cant have anyone knowing he is the son of satan. naruto was shunned for being host to the nine tails rin would be killed if anyone finds out about him but his classmates eventually find out one by one but the eventually warm up to him. rin faces a lot of challenges on his way to defeating his father satan he gains some friends there is suspense mystery and you could say some romance if you want its a pretty good series i would recommend reading it if you haven't April 2014: 3.5 Stars (Shown as 4)I absolutely love the artwork, and I can't wait to read more volumes! I was really confused at the beginning because I thought Rin already knew about his heritage and exorcisms and stuff.I like his character. He isn't too serious, and his hot-headedness is really entertaining! I love his character (both design and personality)!I'm not too crazy about Yukio yet. His intelligent, wise look and smile, and his overall coldness towards Rin has me on edge. I can't figure out if I can trust him yet.I like Mephisto. His character design is so cool, and he seems really fun! I can't wait to see more of him!

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I think I'll read the rest of the series when I get the chance. Maybe I'll watch the anime.

It reminded me in a way of the TV Show Supernatural. Really liked it.

:P No comment.


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