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Blood And Honor (1993)

Blood and Honor (1993)

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About book Blood And Honor (1993)

I love Simon R. Green's books. They're equal parts fantastic worlds, cringeworthy gore, and "I'm taking none of your crap" sass and humour. This is no exception. I found this book in a discount bin for $5 several years ago, and loved it pretty much from the get-go. Despite being book 2 in the Forest Kingdom series, it can serve very nicely as a stand alone. It features completely new characters, although there are passing references throughout to the Demon War, the High Warlock, and Princes Rupert and Harald. Jordan's a pretty fabulous character. Yes, he's a bit full of himself, but he undergoes some pretty dramatic character development after arriving at Castle Midnight. Green's female characters are, as always, total badasses. But not in a stereotypical, cookie cutter way. They're complex and strong and determined, with motives that aren't revealed until the last minute. And there are only hints at romance between Jordan and Kate. Yes, there are some pacing issues - I was surprised by how much of the story was still to come when I only had 100 pages to go - and in typical Green fashion, there were some scenes that made me downright nauseated, even on the umpteenth reread. But it's still pretty damned fabulous.

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