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Series: Forest Kingdom

by Author Simon R. Green


Down Among the Dead Men (1994)

A decade ago, the Darkwood rose up and threatened to swallow the Forest Kingdom. It was driven back, but with great loss. Now a fort built on the border of the kingdom has gone silent and a small group of Rangers are sent to investigate, finding an evil more ancient than the demons of the Darkwoo...

Down Among the Dead Men (1994) by Simon R. Green

Blood and Honor (1993)

I love Simon R. Green's books. They're equal parts fantastic worlds, cringeworthy gore, and "I'm taking none of your crap" sass and humour. This is no exception. I found this book in a discount bin for $5 several years ago, and loved it pretty much from the get-go. Despite being book 2 in the For...

Blood and Honor (1993) by Simon R. Green

Blue Moon Rising (2005)

Blue Moon Rising by Simon R. Green- This is the first book of a series of stand-alone novels under the title of Forest Kingdom. However, each book is an entirely new story with different characters. The second book is called Blood and Honour and the third book is called Down Among the Dead. The t...

Blue Moon Rising (2005) by Simon R. Green