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Big Nate On A Roll (2011)

Big Nate on a Roll (2011)

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0061944394 (ISBN13: 9780061944390)

About book Big Nate On A Roll (2011)

Big Nate on a roll is a fictional comedy comic/novel written by Lincoln Pierce. The main characters are Nate, Artur, Teddy, and Francis. The story is about Nate has lost his skateboard over a bridge. And he tries to enter a boy scout competition and the grand prize is a customization skate board. But his arch nemesis Artur (he is just a nice foreign kid who is perfect. He is so popular, kind, and mannered. And Nate can't stand him.) joins too and is out selling him 4-1. Nate must gather a plan to defeat Artur and claim the prize. I liked the book. There were similarities between me and Nate. The reason Nate does not like artur like everyone else is understandable. The comedy is fun, the little sketches he made were fun and the jokes were pretty good. Yes the characters we somewhat over the top like nate was a lot of the time. But the side characters were helpful, The antagonist is good. And the main character Nate is relatable, interesting, and credible. I think that Big Nate is a really funny and great book. This book is about Nate and his boy scouts trying to make some money for a fundraiser and on his way to the boy scouts he lost his skateboard over a bridge and the grand prize for his fundraiser is a skateboard you can design your self and his enemy Artur is way ahead of him and Nate tries to think of something to make money. This book by Lincoln Peirce is great I thought it was awesome I hope to read more books of his in the future. I would totally recommend this book.

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Excellent choice for fans of Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Big Nate is a great story of emotions but the use he got what he wanted

It was awesome

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