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Big Nate Goes For Broke (2012)

Big Nate Goes for Broke (2012)

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0061996610 (ISBN13: 9780061996610)

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While Nate was getting ready for the School Dance, a boy sneeked into the boy`s changing room. He stole his clothes, leaving him in just his underwear. Nate saw Dee Dee outside and she offered to lend him her clothes instead. The school danced ended early because the snow that was on the roof, leaked through to the ceiling of the school hall. E-mail was sent too all parents saying that the children will need to go to Jefferson School while repairs are being done to the school building. Nate is not happy about going to Jefferson because some of the children who go there bully them. While at Jefferson, one of the children takes a pillow off of one of his friends which causes a fight. During the fight Nate breaks his arm while falling of a table. I though the book was awesome, I also liked the way the cartoons was mixed into the writing. I love this one. Although it's another one with high doubt like most of the others, they all maintain their uniqueness. In this one, there's a whole lot of of doubt, and Lincoln Peirce even shows us what Jefferson can do, and it's not pretty. But Mr. Rosa keeps Nates hopes up, and gives him an idea, too. And it works, and P.S. 38 is victorious over Jefferson. But, as the icing on top, it happens again, all because Nate broke his arm. As Nate said, " What a lucky break!"

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This book shows that everyone has a weakness and encourages me if I want to win I must not give up.

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