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Beautifully Broken (Book Two In The Broken Series) (2014)

Beautifully Broken (Book Two in The Broken Series) (2014)

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About book Beautifully Broken (Book Two In The Broken Series) (2014)

I really struggled with how many stars to give this book. I found myself most of the time really irritated with Kri. Spoilers ahead. So in the first book Kri moves to DC lands a great internship. Makes some great new friends. Meets Kadyn who brings her back to life and makes her feel so loved. She has all of her amazing friends and family from Montana. In the ending of the first book her and Kadyn are much in love. They are practically living together. He is her White Knight. So in this book she gets forced into leaving the country with Michael. She tells herself she is going with him to protect her friends and family. Sure okay. Michael manipulated and scared her. She gets to paris and Michael presents her with this mansion. She admits she is physically attracted to him. She was attracted to him when they first went out but he scared her. So when he kisses her, her body is into it but her mind sends her warnings. Okay I get that your in Paris, your presented with this new lifestyle. This gorgeous man claims he has loved you from the moment he laid eyes on you. All the romance of it would be tempting sure, but there is still the fact that he kidnapped you, threatened to kill the man you love, and harm other people. as the book goes on we learn a little bit more about their past history. Michael opens up a little and he is tempting. I found myself softening more and more towards him. But what irks me is that Kri just completely forgot about her family and friends and Kadyn for months. She was so wrapped up in this Paris life. She said Michael made her feel for the first time, and actually live since Tom. But in the first book I thought Kadyn did that for her. Okay so I accepted she was now in love with Michael. He won me over after a while. Although I still loved Kadyn. So when the book took a big turn I was shocked. When Michael pushed Kri away I was even more shocked. After claiming how much he loved her and after everything he did to get her there he just pushed her away. She went back to Montana and back to her life and that was it. I am still just iffy about this. I am going to go into the third book with a fresh mind.

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