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Beautiful Broken Mess (2000)

Beautiful Broken Mess (2000)

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4 sólidas estrellas.Por ahí le leí a una amiga que le pareció mucho drama y la verdad es que yo esperaba mas DRAMA!I dont know...Sentí que hasta llego a ser una lectura ligera. De esas que tienen uno que otro tropiezo pero al final triunfa el amor. Seeh así bien cliché.Y cliché o no Kimberly Lauren ha conseguido con estos libros mantenerme leyendo hasta llegar al final. sigh. I had a love/hate relationship with jace. part of me thought he was great and then he would say or do something that made him a jerk. I was glued to it though. I will say that I did not like the last 20 pages or so. I felt like she let him off the hook too easily. I won't say anymore other than the end was a big let down to me. I'm not sure I love how this author writes dialogue. sometimes the characters say the strangest things in a strange way. I don't know if it is phrasing or just an excess of melodramatic words, but it is distracting. that aside, this was a great book and I am glad audrey got her happily ever after.

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Beautiful indeed! I laughed with them and even cried with them!

baie baie baie mooi


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