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Abendruh (2012)

Abendruh (2012)

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About book Abendruh (2012)

This installment is a very engaging read. There is good pacing throughout the entire book and it builds nicely to a suspenseful conclusion. It's a little confusing with all of the attempted murders, the kids, their parents and their foster parents, along with the usual suspects -- and here Kindle Xray comes in handy. The ending is also a little fast and furious, however overall the narrative is very compelling. (Mystery 2012) I can't believe it took me two years to get this book and read it. As usual, an enjoyable mystery, although a bit unnerving with the theme of children who have survived the murders of their families and then are again targeted by a mysterious killer. The plot was intricate and slow to develop, but it was the first Gerritsen novel I have read for a while and I enjoyed the original characters (not really like the ones on television, thankfully!) The resolution was interesting and I look forward to the next one.

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Good as usual. Sorry to say that I am at the end of the series for now.

It was an OK book. Interesting concept, but the end was strange.

Competent but no real depth or surprises.

Unlikely murder mystery.


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