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Philip Roth

Philip Roth
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Books by Philip Roth


The Humbling (2009)

My first Philip Roth. Boy, that was depressing. It started off well. Ok kind of read.

The Humbling (2009) by Philip Roth

L'umiliazione (2009)

I'd rather read A Dying Animal, for the same themes and slightly less brevity. Some of the sex at an advanced age reminded me of Sabbath's Theatre, but I think this is the first time I've read Roth write about a dildo (let alone a strap-on). At least it was shorter! In fact, being so short probab...

L'umiliazione (2009) by Philip Roth

A Humilhação (2009)

If this hadn't been written by Philip Roth, I wonder if anyone would read it. The Humbling is about an actor, told in the third person, who loses the ability to act and retreats to his dwelling in the Berkshires. The redemption comes, of course, since this is Roth, in the form of a woman, but par...

A Humilhação (2009) by Philip Roth

La Humillación (2009)

A self-indulgent wank-fantasy: Ageing Great Actor Simon Axler loses his art and becomes depressed; neurotic wife leaves him; he can't bring himself to commit suicide and briefly checks into a mental institution; after his release he's cheered up by lots of exotic sex with a lesbian 25 years his y...

La Humillación (2009) by Philip Roth

The Plot Against America (2005)

”Preso alla rovescia, l’implacabile imprevisto era tutto quello che noi a scuola studiavamo col nome di ‘storia’, la storia inoffensiva dove tutto ciò che nel suo tempo è inaspettato, sulla pagina risulta inevitabile. Il terrore dell’imprevisto: ecco quello che la scienza della storia nasconde, t...

The Plot Against America (2005) by Philip Roth

Survival in Auschwitz (1995)

In his book Survival in Auschwitz, Primo Levi uses the phrase “the demolition of man” to refer to the process by which the Nazis attempted to, and largely succeeded in, stripping the inmates of the concentration camps of their humanity.1 This powerful phrase accurately summarizes the process of d...

Survival in Auschwitz (1995) by Philip Roth

Everyman (2007)

هذه الرواية هي أول عمل اقرؤه لفيليب روث، ومن الأعمال القليلة التي قرأتها في الأدب الأمريكيهي رقم 74 في سلسلة الجوائز التي تصدرها الهيئة المصريةلا أعلم هل يجب أن أصف تلك الرواية بأنها رواية مؤلمة، أم أنها رواية مرعبةأم أن الرعب منها سببه كل ذلك الألم وكل تلك المعاناة التي تصف بها حياة العجائزقرأت ...

Everyman (2007) by Philip Roth

The Facts (1997)

—BUS RIDING BOOKS—"The Facts, a novelist autobiography", by Philip Roth Here is my review of the book…In his autobiography, Philip Roth is looking at the wounds that plagued him for decades, yet were kept at a distance. The same troubles that led him to a grave depression after he decided to open...

The Facts (1997) by Philip Roth

I Married a Communist (1999)

Although this was the second of the so-called American Trilogy that also included American Pastoral and The Human Stain, it turns outs that reading it last may have been to my benefit. There is a richness, a depth, an intoxicating and insatiable and unrelenting convolution to all of these books, ...

I Married a Communist (1999) by Philip Roth

Sabbath's Theater (1996)

Okay, now I get it. Now I get the whole Philip Roth thing—book prize judges quitting in protest over him, the sheer volume of those praising and condemning him, even what I’ve called elsewhere “absurd”—the suggestion that Roth is a self-hating Jew. (I still think this labeling applied to anyone i...

Sabbath's Theater (1996) by Philip Roth

The Counterlife (1996)

Publicado en buen momento, tras el príncipe de Asturias, para poner esta reseña de uno de los libros de este coloso de las letras norteamericanas y que estaba retrasando en demasía.En la densa y excepcional “Zuckerman encadenado”, asistíamos a la creació...

The Counterlife (1996) by Philip Roth

Portnoy's Complaint (1995)

It's recently been brought to my attention that my book reviews frequently are not actually about the book. And I'm wondering why would you want to know about the book when all you have to do is click on the little blurb about the book and then get on with the fascinating reading about...oh, say ...

Portnoy's Complaint (1995) by Philip Roth

Shop Talk: A Writer and His Colleagues and Their Work (2002)

This wasn't what I expected from the title—authors talking shop—so I ended up reading it not in full mind to appreciate what virtues it does offer. This probably cost the book a star, but I can only respond as I was on the day; in this regard, titles matter. I engrossed myself avidly in the nic...

Shop Talk: A Writer and His Colleagues and Their Work (2002) by Philip Roth

The Professor Of Desire (1995)

This has no plot. This has no plot. This has no plot. A tedious novel, if it even is a novel rather than a series of pointless but amusing anecdotes about pretty flat, Dickensian characters (Bratasky, Abe Kepesh, Baumgarten). Lots of great passages in here. but then again, as Roth so often writes...

The Professor Of Desire (1995) by Philip Roth

My Life as a Man (1994)

Ooh, this one is . . . uncomfortable. Roth has teasingly drawn from his life before, and or at least seems to be in a constant game with the reader daring them to figure out how much of what he is writing is autobiographical and how much is simply an informed and exaggerated variation (a game tha...

My Life as a Man (1994) by Philip Roth

The Great American Novel (2002)

Publicada en gran novela americana de Philip Roth. El béisbol como catalizador del mitoCada cierto tiempo es bueno recordar lo útil que es el texto que hice sobre el mito de la Gran Novela Americana a propósito del Libertad de Franzen y El gran Gatsby de...

The Great American Novel (2002) by Philip Roth

Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories (1995)

Rooney 1Patrick RooneyLTMO 144DProfessor Bruce Thompson7 June 2011Philip Roth’s debut novel, Goodbye, Columbus, is in part a window into secular Jewish life in the fifties era. Twenty-three year-old Neil juggles life and love while tolerating Jewish woes from the immortal (clinging, over-bearing...

Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories (1995) by Philip Roth

When She Was Good (1995)

Un Philip Roth inatteso quello che ho incontrato leggendo Quando lei era buona.Infatti in questo libro da lui scritto nell’ormai lontano 1967 c’è tanto di diverso dalle altre mie letture dell’autore americano; si tratta del suo terzo libro e forse ai tempi non aveva ancora trovato il suo filone p...

When She Was Good (1995) by Philip Roth

Zuckerman Unbound (2011)

(Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography []. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)As regular readers know, for a long time I've carried a pretty big chip on my shoulder when it comes to...

Zuckerman Unbound (2011) by Philip Roth

The Ghost Writer (2015)

В свое интервю Рот казва: "Един истински читател на романи, е възрастен, който чете, да речем, два или три часа всяка вечер, три или четири пъти седмично. За две или три седмици той е прочел книгата си. Истинският читател не е човек, който чете от време на време, по половин час, после оставя книг...

The Ghost Writer (2015) by Philip Roth

Our Gang (2001)

It helps to know about (or remember) the administration of Richard M. Nixon to laugh out loud as I did while reading Roth's great satire, but it's not necessary. Our Gang certainly satirized Nixon (as well as Spiro Agnew, several Democrats, and a cadre of famous news reporters and commentators), ...

Our Gang (2001) by Philip Roth

The Dying Animal (2002)

Man of the WorldIn the third of Philip Roth's David Kepesh novels, David is a divorced, semi-retired professor, philanderer, libertine and man of the world. He teaches a class in Practical Criticism and does book reviews on NPR. To his students, especially the female ones, he possesses an intelle...

The Dying Animal (2002) by Philip Roth

The Breast (1994)

И преди съм чувала, че Филип Рот не е лъжица за всяка уста. То пък кой ли автор е, въобще универсалността в литературата май е химера, ако изключим Библията, но пък нея не съм я чела.Рот е роден през 33-а на миналия век в Нюарк, Джърси. Зодия риби. Ще кажете, че това няма значение, но смея да твъ...

The Breast (1994) by Philip Roth

The Anatomy Lesson (1996)"Cosa ci insegna il dolore cronico? (...) Il dolore cronico ci insegna: primo, cos'é il benessere; secondo, cos'é la codardia; terzo, un po' di quello che significa essere condannati ai lavori forzati. Il dolore é lavoro. Che altro, Nathan, cosa soprattutto...

The Anatomy Lesson (1996) by Philip Roth

Exit Ghost (2007)

Zuckerman abandona el silencio y la quietud de su carretera rural de montaña en los Berkshires para someterse en Nueva York a una intervención quirúrgica que podría ayudarle a controlar su incontinencia, producto de la extirpación de su próstata cancerosa hace once años. Durante más de una década...

Exit Ghost (2007) by Philip Roth

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