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Peter Mayle

Peter Mayle
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the marseilles caper (2000)

Love this guy, I have been reading him for years. The Denver Post had this to say about the book; "Oh, What a delicious little book this is. A Luxurious tale of clever deception, byzantine civic politics and, of course, lush and languid passages devoted to food...Like an excellent meal at a belov...

the marseilles caper (2000) by Peter Mayle

The Marseille Caper (2012)

A fun, if predictable caper. There were no surprises in the direction the plot took, or the eventual resolution, but still the story was enjoyable. What keeps me from rating the book higher, beyond the predictability, is how stereotyped every character is. The women in the story are especially in...

The Marseille Caper (2012) by Peter Mayle

The Vintage Caper (2009)

Meh. I really enjoyed the memoirs that Mayle has written about restoring an old French farmhouse and discovering life in the south of France. But his novels and mysteries really drain a lot of the charm out of his writing. He skims over the amenities, barely mentioning the pleasures of the foo...

The Vintage Caper (2009) by Peter Mayle

The Vintage Caper. Peter Mayle (2009)

I always enjoy reading Peter Mayle. I had actually read this book several years ago, realizing it after I had started the book, and continued to read as I will read its sequel next. I enjoy the languid feeling I get reading these stories. Even actions that by necessity be hurried - identifying...

The Vintage Caper. Peter Mayle (2009) by Peter Mayle

Corsican Caper (2014)

I've been a Peter Mayle fan for years. He's given us an insight and appreciation of France and the French, especially life in Provence, like no one else. Wether it's a case of trying to stretch his writing legs a little too much or perhaps the pressure of an eager publisher, Mayle's foray into f...

Corsican Caper (2014) by Peter Mayle

Hotel Pastis: A Novel of Provence (1994) Mayle este un autor britanic contemporan, cunoscut în special pentru romanele sale legate de însorita regiune Provence din Franța. I-am citit mai întâi volumul "Viață de câine" și m-am îndrăgostit de stilul dezinvolt și de umorul său special. "Viață d...

Hotel Pastis: A Novel of Provence (1994) by Peter Mayle

A Year in Provence (1991)

A Year in Provence is a book about a couple who decides to leave their every-day-life behind and begin a new life together in Provence. For those of you who don't know what Provence is, it's kind of like Tuscany meets France, but better. After reading this book, I truly hope some day Mike and I c...

A Year in Provence (1991) by Peter Mayle

Chasing Cezanne (1998)

Chasing Cézanne is a lighthearted, quick read novel that takes us from New York City, Bahamas, England, Paris and the south of France. Professional photographer Andre Kelly has just completed an assignment in the south of France. Rather than heading straight back to wintry NYC, he decides to drop...

Chasing Cezanne (1998) by Peter Mayle

French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew (2002)

На места прекалено комерсиална, на места повърхностна, като цяло книгата има леко безпристрастна нотка- обръща се повече внимание на описание, отколкото на личното преживяване. Границата между хумора и лекомислието е много тънка. Щастието на цяла нация се заключава в едно добро и обилно ястие. За...

French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew (2002) by Peter Mayle

Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France (2000)

Because living in the south of France, or Normandy, or Italy, sounds so wonderfully exotic and impossible, reading about those who have chosen to do is both wonderful and a cause for jealousy. I read A Year in Provence and Toujours Provence many years ago, and happily both continue to reside on m...

Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France (2000) by Peter Mayle

Toujours Provence (1992)

After rereading A Year in Provence, my next logical book to read was Toujours Provence, Peter Mayle's follow-up to the wildly successful A Year in Provence. To be honest, while I could remember reading the first book, I had no recollection of reading Toujours Provence and now I remember why.::: W...

Toujours Provence (1992) by Peter Mayle

A Good Year (2005)

The lovely and talented Mr. Russell Crowe was responsible for getting me to read Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander, which began my ongoing infatuation with the Aubrey-Maturin series. When I learned that his next movie, A Good Year, is based upon the novel of the same name by Peter Mayle, I f...

A Good Year (2005) by Peter Mayle

Anything Considered (1997)

Anything Considered tells the story of Bennett, an Englishman who enjoys living a luxurious life in France, but unfortunately is running out of money to do so. Bennett puts an ad up in the International Herald Tribune looking for a job. He gets a response from Julian Poe, an extremely wealthy man...

Anything Considered (1997) by Peter Mayle

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