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Anything Considered (1997)

Anything Considered (1997)

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Anything Considered tells the story of Bennett, an Englishman who enjoys living a luxurious life in France, but unfortunately is running out of money to do so. Bennett puts an ad up in the International Herald Tribune looking for a job. He gets a response from Julian Poe, an extremely wealthy man. Poe is asking Bennett to live in an all expense-paid Monaco apartment and watch a very important case containing a serum that would make truffles, an extremely decadent and expensive mushroom, grow faster and in larger quantities. Bennett thinks that the job doesn't require much work so he decides to take it. Complications arise though with the case being delivered into the right hands. Because of this, Poe feels that Bennett needs a partner, so he chooses Anna, a former lover of his. Readers follow the many illegal and dangerous adventures that Anna and Bennett uncover as the book progresses. Quote:"But Bennett suffered from Optimism, and he was unwilling to leave France. And so, with scanty qualifications, other than a good amateur eye for property and a pressing need for sales commissions, he had joined the roving band of agents immobiliers-some of them no better qualified than he-who spend their lives rooting through the Provencal countryside." (Pg. 1)I chose this quote because I think it shows how Peter Mayle made negative situations light and airy, which is seen throughout the book.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys or knows French, because even though the book is written in English, there are sometimes French sayings put into the text. I would also recommend Anything Considered to anyone who enjoys a story with a lot of adventure but can handle many characters that play similar roles, because I found that was often the case with this book.In my opinion the genre is mainly adventure and two themes addressed in Anything Considered are desire for money and betrayal.

3.5 stars. "Anything Considered" is strongest in making you feel like you want to move to Europe and live the fancy European life. I greatly enjoyed its descriptions of food and scenery. Where "Anything Considered" is weak is in its characterization. I'm a reader who likes to connect emotionally with her characters. I didn't care much about the outcome of the main characters and my favorite character (Georgette) was very secondary. Bennet loves his French lifestyle, but is only interested in funding it through interesting and unusual ventures. In this spirit, when he begins running out of money, he puts an "Anything Considered" ad in the newspaper. He is soon employed by Poe, who offers him a chance to make money and live like a millionaire by helping him with tax fraud. Bennet agrees, but is soon trapped into a scheme much larger than tax fraud. This book started off slow, but picked up speed in the middle and continued moving quickly until the end. It's a James Bond, thrilling heist kind of book, except not, because the main character never does anything exceptionally brilliant or cunning. Still, the action is interesting. The writing style strikes me as very different and unique. He spends a lot of time building the setting, which can be both good and bad. I'm glad I read this book and wouldn't mind reading more of Mayle's books in the future.

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Anything Considered by Peter Mayle3 starsBennett is a man of little means, doing odd jobs for people in his village to make a way of living. He finds it more and more difficult to survive so he puts an add in the paper for his services, anything considered. When someone responds to it, its not what he expects. I thought this book was well written and one of the better books that I have honestly read lately. I liked the characters and thought they were relate able, however I kind of felt like this ending was rushed. I felt like the author, Peter Mayle, just wanted it to end so he went quickly into the ending, as it was kind of predictable as well. Overall, I think this book would be great for anyone that likes more of a suspenseful book. Not overly suspenseful but enough to keep you reading.
—Allison Welker

Bennett is a British expat living in a small French village. He's a bit down on his luck and needs some income so he places an employment ad in the newspaper with the line "anything considered." The job offer he accepts sets a chain of events in motion that includes the rich life in Monaco, Italian gangsters, crooked cops, truffles, and and a beautiful con artist partner. The adventures through France keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what trouble they get into next. This is our book club book for this month. Looking forward to hearing how the other members of the club liked the book.
—Teresa Michael

Anything Considered was total dick lit, i.e. the male equivalent of chick lit. The MC is Luciano Bennett. Of course, he's called Bennett, because Luciano is too twee. He's mid-30s, doesn't really have a job, lives in France. He's broke but this really isn't an impediment to his lifestyle. Anyhow, the premise is that he places an ambiguous ad looking for work, a Really Rich Dude answers it, and hijinx ensue. Naturally, he partners up with a chick who happens to be both formerly a model and formerly in the Israeli Army. So she's hot and she can kick (his) ass. Of course! Total cheese, but the good cheese. It'd make an entertaining cheesy TV movie.
—Theryn Fleming

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