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Chasing Cezanne (1998)

Chasing Cezanne (1998)

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Chasing Cézanne is a lighthearted, quick read novel that takes us from New York City, Bahamas, England, Paris and the south of France. Professional photographer Andre Kelly has just completed an assignment in the south of France. Rather than heading straight back to wintry NYC, he decides to drop in on some people he met on another assignment. He soon realizes that no one is home, but then notices that the Denoyer's handy man "Old Claude" is helping to load a Cézanne in a plumber's truck. Something about the whole thing seems a little strange, so he takes a few pictures and heads back to New York City puzzling over what he should do.There are two things going on this book. One is the story about greed in the art world. This is where the action is, as Kelly makes contacts in attempt to figure out what has happened to the Cézanne. Based on my knowledge of this subject -- that is, I saw the 1998 movie Incognito starring Jason Patric, which is about another art forgery scheme -- I found the plot credible. Again, this is lighthearted, don't expect a lot of technical detail.And they do stop to eat quite often. That's the other thing going on in this book -- the highest quality dining ever to appear in any novel that I've read. I was reminded of my Parisian business trips with the three hour lunches and lots of wine before each customer presentation. (I didn't speak French so they didn't notice the slurring...) Since we are getting ready to move to a warmer climate anyway, I actually started thinking that we should just go to the south of France. Really, the cheese alone would be worth it!I debated as to which section to stick this book in. It's not a mystery. Although it reads like a cozy, there's no dead body. It's zany and witty and has some funny scenes, but not so much that I'd stick in the Laugh Out Loud section. The tone through me off, but I realized that this has many of the characteristics of books in the international thriller section. There are bad guys and the likable not so bad guys (when it comes to greed, no one is perfect). There's something being stolen and there is the chase. And I think they could make it into a movie - Babette's Feast worked, didn't it?

Another slow read, mostly as a result of frequent over-cuteness and plain old annoyance. On the surface, this one should have been very well-suited to my tastes. I love caper stories. It seems that much of the appeal is ruined, however, when all of the lead characters in the caper story are already well-to-do, fashionable and near-insufferably smug with their own fabulousness. Toward the end of the story, when one of these smirking, sophisticated Manhattanites is suddenly and unconvincingly transformed into a breathless and wide-eyed schoolgirl because “I get to see Paris!?!” it sticks out like a sore thumb.The story did feature plenty of entertaining characters, lines and scenes, but even if the “aren’t we so marvelous” bits didn’t rub one the wrong way, the ending was an absolute blank squib. Like The Grapes of Wrath, the book just quits with no resolution whatsoever; unlike Steinbeck, Mayle had only written a short, breezy “beach” novel before he bailed out. I swear, I’m just about done bothering with authors whose biography includes something like “so-and-so divides his time between New York and his 14th-century Tuscan villa.”

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Per Zufall wird der Fotograf Kelly Zeuge, dass ein berühmtes Bild aus einer exklusiven Villa abtransportiert wird. Dies lässt ihm keine Ruhe, er vermutet einen Diebstahl und versucht, der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen. Doch dies ist nicht ganz ungefährlich.Das Buch lebt vor allem von den Beschreibungen der Landschaften, den idyllischen Umgebungen und zuletzt auch von den exquisiten, schmackhaften Mahlzeiten, die immer wieder aufgetischt werden. Dabei ist der Schreibstil locker und leicht, manchmal spritzig und macht Freude zu lesen. Die eigentliche Handlung gewinnt erst ab Mitte des Buches Fahrt – zuvor plätschert die Geschichte ein bisschen vor sich hin. Die Charaktere sind meines Erachtens sehr eindimensional, lediglich der Kunsthändler Cyrus ist richtig lebendig und sympathisch – er scheint Spaß an der ganzen Verfolgungsjagd zu haben. Insgesamt ein nettes und unterhaltsames, kurzweiliges Buch!

So far really good and a quick read. Is the Cezanne missing? If yes, why? Taken into the heart of the art world. Mayle impresses the reader with his knowledge of various fields once again.Quick read that kept me busy while lying in bed ill with all by body parts aching. A photographer accidentally sees a Cezanne being moved from the home of a wealthy client into a van, and with his attempts to solve the mystery of this strange scene, he interacts with varied characters, encounters he wrath of several rich and influential people, and travels through France, Britain and the USA. A fun read, especially if you want to read more about the wonderful food and wines found in Southern France. I need to have one of those eating trips through France!

This one is set in Provence, Paris, and NYC and it's a light comic caper about a stolen Cezanne. The comedy is mostly subtle and I would say it is more of a FUN read than a truly outrageously comical read, but the dialogue and the situations the characters find themselves in provide enough humor to cause a giggle or two now and then. The plot is easygoing and a little convoluted, though it doesn't matter because the "ride" of the story is much more fun than the story itself. A Cezanne painting is witnessed being taken away in a plumber's van. This starts the witness, a professional photographer, on a series of events to try and find out what happened to the painting and where it was going. It's a great beach read -- best on a Provence beach, though. Oh, well!

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