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Ken Follett

Ken Follett
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Books by Ken Follett


Fall of Giants (2010)

What I love the most about Winter of the World is how Follett weaves this fantastic web of characters and how their lives are from all different walks of life, and how they interact in almost a serendipitous way. This story is so captivating because it is narrated from several different characte...

Fall of Giants (2010) by Ken Follett

Winter of the World (2012)

The soap opera continues in volume 2, and I mean that in the best possible sense. This is the second in Ken Follett's historical fiction Century Trilogy, a stroll through the madness of the 20th Century. Winter of the World takes us through WWII through the eyes of the English, the Welsh, the Fre...

Winter of the World (2012) by Ken Follett

La caída de los gigantes (2010)

Really loved this book. I love reading history, and never read Historical Fiction, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Enjoyed both the trip through the challenging and painful times around World War I, while at the same time getting depth on characters and their hopes, dreams, achievements and fail...

La caída de los gigantes (2010) by Ken Follett

A Queda dos Gigantes (2010)

I started this novel but just couldn't do it and gave up part way through. I understand that this series is hugely popular, and in fact, the book was lent to me by a coworker who is a fan. I have to admit, the novel was highly readable and I found the pages turning quickly. It became an issue of ...

A Queda dos Gigantes (2010) by Ken Follett

La caduta dei giganti (2011)

I listened to the Audible version.I know nothing about WWI and I love history. Ken Follett is a master story teller for these great sweeping sagas. I found that it helped me to download the list of characters from the internet to help keep track of all the story lines. It is fascinating to watch ...

La caduta dei giganti (2011) by Ken Follett

El invierno del mundo (2012)

I gave this novel a five star review in the rush following the end of such a big book. In retrospect, I actually rate it more around a 3.5 stars. Why? Well, mostly because even if seen in its summarized entirety it feels in way perfect, that is exactly what makes it flawed.First of all, let me ex...

El invierno del mundo (2012) by Ken Follett

L'inverno del mondo (2012)

With so many people writing a review I feel like it has all been said and done. I will say that I was disappointed with this book compared to the first book in the trilogy. The dialogue at times seemed stiff and unconvincing. That said, I usually love Follett's books and I applaud him for attempt...

L'inverno del mondo (2012) by Ken Follett

O Inverno do Mundo (2012)

I thought the first book in the trilogy was great, but this one is even better. The drama that unfolds around World War 2 is excruciating at times. There were times that I was so engrossed in the story that I thought about the characters throughout the day, sometimes sad and sometimes proud of my...

O Inverno do Mundo (2012) by Ken Follett

Os Pilares da Terra - Volume II (1989)

I was very torn between 3 and 4 stars and the ideal would be 3,5.The reason it falls on 4 stars is because sometimes this book as got me flipping pages and wondering what will come next. Fact is, characters are well build and when you're done you feel like you're pulled to the real world.However,...

Os Pilares da Terra - Volume II (1989) by Ken Follett

The Pillars of the Earth (2002)

I did not hate this book (hate would be too strong a word, and I can't hate it because I applaud the fact that Ken Follett attempted to write an epic novel). But I did not like it. I didn't like it from the start; his writing style hit me like a brick, but Jim thoroughly enjoyed the book that I...

The Pillars of the Earth (2002) by Ken Follett

Edge of Eternity (2014)

Review contains SPOILERS. Don't read further if you don't want some plot details spoiled.Are you a self important baby boomer who leans left in your political views? Well buddy, are you going to have the biggest rager of a boner reading this book. Don't get me wrong, I devoured this book, and it ...

Edge of Eternity (2014) by Ken Follett

A Dangerous Fortune (1994)

Copied from a testimonial:"Good thrillers are like elegant geometrical proofs. Their drama lies not in their ultimate outcome but in their method. Though we know that the good guys will eventually triumph, we don't know how; a good thriller should keep us guessing until the last page. Ken Follett...

A Dangerous Fortune (1994) by Ken Follett

Code to Zero (2005)

Bem, por muito que gostasse de dizer o contrário, a verdade é que, infelizmente não há muito a dizer acerca deste livro... A desilusão só não é enorme, porque a minha incapacidade de vibrar com policiais desculpa, em parte, a fraca qualidade do livro e, por isso a minha vontade de ler Os Pilares ...

Code to Zero (2005) by Ken Follett

The Man From St. Petersburg (2003)

This is a Follett thriller published back in 1982. The setting is 1914 Britain as Germany is preparing for war, storing its gold and calling in debts. Britain is watching carefully, concerned about its ability to win without the help of Russia to open up a second front in Europe and thus diminish...

The Man From St. Petersburg (2003) by Ken Follett

The Key to Rebecca (2003)

My third foray into Ken Follett and he’s yet to disappoint.Starts a bit slow what with the exposition of the central characters: Alex, the ruthless German spy sent to Cairo, Vandam (yes, really), a 40-something major in the British Staff Intelligence, Elene, a beautiful Jewish woman who’s had a s...

The Key to Rebecca (2003) by Ken Follett

Night Over Water (2004)

Mais um romance fantástico de Ken Follett. Quanto mais leio deste autor, mais fico rendida aos seus livros. Desta vez, e ainda sobre um clima de guerra, Follett leva-nos a sobrevoar o atlântico nas asas de um Boeing 314, um luxuoso hidroavião, que faria a viagem entre Inglaterra e os Estados Unid...

Night Over Water (2004) by Ken Follett

The Hammer of Eden (1999)

Comportamentos desajustados (ou até mesmo doentes) e mentes patológicas são elementos que me atraem sempre numa leitura; gosto das tentativas de os fundamentar e, por vezes, justificar. Ao centrar este livro numa comunidade relativamente excêntrica que vive isolada do resto do mundo e de acordo c...

The Hammer of Eden (1999) by Ken Follett

On Wings of Eagles (2004)

Based on true events in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, "On Wings of Eagles" has a very interesting plot. In 1978, a bunch of American executives working for EDS realize that their project of computerizing Iran's social security data is going be thrown aside due to the political turmoil in th...

On Wings of Eagles (2004) by Ken Follett

Jackdaws (2006)

Full video review here : have always found Ken Follett too verbose but this book was an excellent fast read with a great female lead character. Flick Clairet is one of a select group of women helping the French Resistance during the final years of the Sec...

Jackdaws (2006) by Ken Follett

A Place Called Freedom (1996)

There are so many things that are bad about this book: it's cliche "historic" romance between a "highborn Scotish lady" and a coal miner, seemingly inaccurate portrayal of organized class politics in London before the industrial revolution, the obligatory sex scenes, the very problematic implicit...

A Place Called Freedom (1996) by Ken Follett

World Without End (2007)

Second Ken Follett, second Ken Follett audiobook, second Ken Follett audiobook listened to in car, first time I have ever wished to be caught in a really humungous traffic jam.This was an enthralling sort of sequel to the The Pillars of the Earth. I say sort of because it is set some 200 years ...

World Without End (2007) by Ken Follett

Whiteout (2005)

Blink once or twice and you might mistake Whiteout's opening act for that other ode to mysophobia, The Hot Zone. Coming a full ten years after Richard Preston's fan favorite, Follett administers a quick shot of déjà vu, retreading familiar themes early on before cracking the lid on a dizzyingly d...

Whiteout (2005) by Ken Follett

Eye of the Needle (2004)

Until I started sharing books with my retired father, suspense thrillers about spies weren't my thing at all. After reading Eye of the Needle I'm still not sure if the genre is for me. The book's basic idea is that a German spy must be stopped by MI-5 before he tells Hitler that the massive camp ...

Eye of the Needle (2004) by Ken Follett

Hornet Flight (2003)

Ken Follett is one of my favorite authors and a master story-teller. Hornet Flight is a historical set in World War II Denmark. It has a good story and the characters are engaging, but there are several flaws in the plot, which are distracting and ultimately leave the critical reader disappoint...

Hornet Flight (2003) by Ken Follett

The Third Twin (1997)

Doctor Jean (Jeannie) Ferrami is a scientist studying the causes of criminal behavior by comparing sets of twins raised separately, especially when one is a criminal and the other a law-abiding citizen. When her friend, the lab technician Lisa Hoxton is raped, a man called Steve Logan is accused ...

The Third Twin (1997) by Ken Follett

Lie Down with Lions (2003)

I always enjoy Follett. He's got the skill, style and tools that any novelist must have in their quiver to keep the reader engaged and coming back for book after book. This is a good story. With the characters engaged in the, true to life, Afghanistan war it's easy to accept presumptions without...

Lie Down with Lions (2003) by Ken Follett

Paper Money (1987)

You Win Some, You Lose Some(A Book Review of Paper Money by Ken Follett)What links the lives of a ruthless gangster, a sneaky businessman, an adulterous minister, and a young journalist, each a stranger to another, together?Power…Ambition…Paper money…Formerly published under the pseudonym Zachary...

Paper Money (1987) by Ken Follett

Modigliani Scandal (1996)

Je vous préviens, je déteste ce genre de livre. Ils sont sans grandes surprises et l'originalité y est souvent nulle. J'ai tout de même pris la peine de le lire, car Ken Follet est un écrivain extrêmement populaire de nos jours. J'avais une certaine curiosité; pourquoi est-il si populaire. Je ...

Modigliani Scandal (1996) by Ken Follett

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