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Zrádce (2012)

Zrádce (2012)

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i thought the book was very good and i liked the way she acts it reminds me of me!! And normally that doesnts happen every offen but i have more friends than she did in the book. i like how the Author captured her emotions and shit but im not one for the romantic and the winny parts but some girls like that (dont take offence im not liuke most girls). i loved the action part but i also wish she had more of a i dont give a shit attitude. OVERALL THE BOOK WAS GREAT!! This book was similar to the first one with the great plot and great characters, but also similar with the fact of to much description. Dru is to much in her head I understand she has to cover ever area on things because her life is at stake but the fact you have to repeat things over and over.. It gets kind of old. I do still love Dru and all the things she does. She can act a little young about some things but she is 16.Where the guys are concerned I loved Graves from the beginning he has been there for her never questioning or backing down. She trusts him with her life (literally) and there friendship is number one. Christophe I have weird feelings for, I don't hate him but I don't think I really like him. He has saved her life many times but I don't know of his intentions, why is he saving her? Overall I like the series and can't wait to continue the journey and see exactly where they end up.

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I likes this more than the first book, though I still don't feel like very much happened from the start to the finish. It's not like some series, which have one big plot but smaller, individual plots in each book. This series seems more like one giant book that's been broken into smaller books. If that makes any sense.The writing isn't as weird as in the first book, which was nice.I keep wondering if there's going to be some kind of love story. And who it's with. I have a preference, and I hope I'm not disappointed. If it happens at all, that is.Note: Still lots of swearing and quite a few f words.

Once agen this book isnt really my style i perfer urban fantasy this is a little hard to believe for me, also way too much dialict i had to skim some of it too many memories of grans and her dad, i dont care about them there dead damn get over it already its really annoying, only read this book as it was a gift and i was waiting for my other books to come in but iam glad i didnt purchase this series these first two books are already a waste of paper.

Exciting and fun to read. Must read!

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