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Betrayals (2009)

Betrayals (2009)

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1595142525 (ISBN13: 9781595142528)

About book Betrayals (2009)

Very dark, there is an oppressive fear seeping through the pages and paralyzing the characters. The beginning is pretty slow, you are a bit taken by surprise by the abundance of details on super-natural beings. Then is all focuses of vampires and kouroi, half vampires who fight them. The story unfolds pretty slow and most of the actions of the main character are off balance, she is lost and lonely and despite her powers, takes the most stupid decision and put herself in harm's way. one of my FAVORITE series by one of my new FAVORITE authors. I am so sad it had to end. But these are well written, cuss-word packed, action filled books. The main character is a girl who can actually hold her own. She doesn't constantly need someone to save her even though she does a lot of dumb stuff that she needs saving from, she can kick butt just like the guys. And that's important in a book. Those are the books I LOVE to read

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Interesting book. Far better than the first one in the series, Strange Angels.

2 und ein halber Stern :/ & das Ende so scheiße ?!

I love the book so much

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