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Zes Dagen Eerder (2000)

zes dagen eerder (2000)

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About book Zes Dagen Eerder (2000)

This story collection was included in my edition of "Every Day" at the end of the of course, you know, I read it! It was nice getting to see A at a younger age as well as his teenage self. But the problem that I have with this story is the same problem I have with "Every Day" which is that there are just some things that I don't agree with about Levithan's interpretation of humanity and other such elements. It was interesting to jump into this story though, it's not everybody's cup of tea. "You said before that you were tired. Well, I’m tired, too. Tired of letting everything stay unsaid. We spend all our time together, and we do it because we want to, right? And I guess I think a lot about that, and about us. And about … well, more. Us having more. It’s not about lust or sex or whatever you want to call it. I mean, some of it is that. But mostly it’s about belonging. When I’m with you, I belong. It just naturally felt like that. And I think it felt like that for you. But I don’t know where that leaves us, or even what that is. I’m just tired of trying to figure it out myself. I need the other half of the equation."

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Nice writing, but rather disjointed. It didn't add much to the original.

Well written however not really needed. Nothing major revealed.

sort but quite insightful. glad to meet A again :)

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