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En Bit Av Mig Fattas (2011)

En bit av mig fattas (2011)

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9129678137 (ISBN13: 9789129678130)
Rabén & Sjögren

About book En Bit Av Mig Fattas (2011)

This book is way different from the other books I usually read.A story about three persons with different beliefs and life values, and how these three persons deal with the 9/11 terrorist attack. David Levithan successfully expresses the pain, sorrow and suffering of the characters (which almost made me cry). He also manages to put each character's way of coping up and adapting to the situation. He's been able to somehow persuade me through this quote:“Gone is not forgotten, but our lives cannot be a memorial. This city cannot be a memorial. This city has to be a city. Our lives have to be our lives.” Highly recommended. :) The writing in this book is so beautifully fantastic. It’s abrupt, minimalistic, and crisp. Because the book is so short (only a little longer than 150 pages) every sentence is that much more powerful. The writing is extremely calculated. There are so many potential pull quotes.Levithan captures the post-9/11 mood in New York so well. The book is inspired from Levithan’s own experiences and thoughts since he was living in Manhattan on 9/11.I really liked the three young adult perspectives. I was a fifth grader living outside Washington D.C. when the towers were hit. Obviously, my memories and experience are quite different from Claire, Peter, and Jasper’s. Now older, it's interesting to read and connect with these more mature perspectives.This is an extremely powerful and moving book. It’s incredibly short and won’t take long to finish. Once you pick it up, you’ll finish it in a few hours.

Do You like book En Bit Av Mig Fattas (2011)?

I love how it doesn't focus much on romantic love but definitely still gives you the feels.

a wee bit confusing at first. slowly started to love the ending.

It happens so fast, so soon. Albeit it was a mere thin book.

David Levithan is such a good writer.

lovely characters, nice book.

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