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Six Earlier Days (2012)

Six Earlier Days (2012)

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0449819299 (ISBN13: 9780449819296)
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About book Six Earlier Days (2012)

Lets just say.... Its totally NOT what you think.I thought this novella will explain why A is taking over bodies for one day..Its not.And now i don't know if A is originally a boy or a girl because he possess both.But i really liked the writers style and definitely will continue with EVERY DAY “the only way to get through them is to remember that they are only one day, and that every day ends.” For what it was, I think these extra chapters were a nice touch. I enjoyed having an extra few days to spend with A, although in terms of plot development, this had little to offer.I understand from the reviews that I've skimmed that the biggest issue people have with this story is that it doesn't add anything to the book Every Day, and is ultimately just a few deleted scenes. Now, I fully accept and agree with that perspecive, however I think it's important for these chapters to be viewed as extra material, not as an additional book like it seems to be on Goodreads. Personally, I never expect much more than some extra scenes when I see "Bonus Chapters", so Six Days Earlier satisfied me. However, I also agree that judging by Levithan's writing talent, he has the ability to give us much better material, like what we saw in Every Day, rather than the great but fairly irreleventant pieces that we find here. Over all, there was nothing wrong with the chapters as they stand, but I don't think they've achieved their full potential.I suppose my personal opinion has an impact on my high rating. After finishing Every Day, I couldn't stop thinking about A literally every minute for at least a week. That definetely makes me more excited to discover bonus chapters than someone who only thought the book was only mediocre, making me a little biased. Regardless, I was genuinly happy with Six Days Earlier, and I would recomend reading it IF you were intrigued by Every Day. If not, this book has little worth to you.Four stars from me for some nice, enjoyable deleted scenes.

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This was part of my copy of Every Day, as an addendum at the end. I just loved it..... loved it!

I better read the novel following this and I found out why the freak A is living like that.

talk about being bisexual GET IT?? no? you need to read this then.

Wow. This is such an amazing prequel for an amazing story.

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