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Yağmur Sonrası (2013)

Yağmur Sonrası (2013)

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About book Yağmur Sonrası (2013)

My first time read a book by this author and the verdict is I liked it very much. I think it could be converted into a movie with no problem. This is a story about a woman who is around 91 years old and her Granddaughter brings her a letter that is posted from Bora Bora. It sweeps her back through time, in her mind, to when she was there as a nurse during World War 2. She sits down and tells her Granddaughter the story of her life and of her love. This story is put together well and flows. It had me reading until 8 the next morning to finish it! There is murder and betrayal, and love, and its all about the choices all these people made. I think I'll read another one of Sarah Jio's books! An elderly woman in her nineties, Anne Calloway receives a letter from from a woman living on Tahiti stating she has something of Anne's. Anne had joined the Army Nurses Corps when she was in her early twenties. Although she was recently engaged, she wasn't entirely convinced of her love. While working on the island, she falls in love with a soldier, Westy but after they witness a gruesome crime, Westy is deployed elsewhere and she returns home. After receiving the letter she travels to Tahiti with her granddaughter and relates her experience when she worked there. I chose to read this book hoping it would give me more information on the war in that part of the country but it was more a story, a mystery and a romance instead. However, an enjoyable read.

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Really good story about a World War Romance and a mystery that is solved years later.

So good, I could not put it down. I finished reading it in two days!

not as good as violets of march by same author, but I enjoyed.

IT was Ok interesting enough that i finished it

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