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As Violetas De Março (2011)

As Violetas de Março (2011)

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About book As Violetas De Março (2011)

This was an entertaining read. A New York author has just divorced and goes back to her roots on Bainbridge island to heal. There she finds a diary which opens a whole big secret from her family's past. The descriptions of the island were absolutely beautiful and the general hunt for the truth was interesting. But as far as "secrets from the past" books, I've read better stories. This was a bit contrived how she just happened to find the diary, and happened to fall for the one person with access to her past, and the magical flowers just happened to appear when she got there. But it's an ok plane read. This is probably my favorite Sarah Jio novel to date. The suspense was killing me and I couldn't put the book down. I enjoyed the twists, even if I guessed it; there were good moments; and everything tied together neatly in the finale. The main character felt a little flat though -- she's passive as she just lets things happen to her. It was like "god, will you just do something instead of doing what everyone tells you to do".

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It was predictable but still a decent read. Not my favorite Sarah Jio book.

Great easy read on my car ride from Maine to Myrtle Beach :)

the end leaves unanswered questions for me...

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