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Written In Red (2013)

Written in Red (2013)

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0451464966 (ISBN13: 9780451464965)
NAL Hardcover

About book Written In Red (2013)

Written in Red by Anne Bishop is a fantastic start to her newest series (Novels of the Others (or possibly just The Others)). Bishop is one of the few adult writers whose works I just flat out adore. Thankfully, this book was just as amazing as her others. Meg Corbyn applies for a job at the Courtyard (a place where all the creatures that are not human are forced to live). Simon Wolfgard is the leader of the Courtyard and a Wolf. He doesn't exactly trust Meg, but he doesn't have a lot of other options. I don't want to spoil anything but it's amazing. It is an adult book, so I'll put a few trigger warnings at the end of this review under a spoilers tag. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy novels.~ * ~ * SPOILERS * ~ * ~Trigger Warnings for: Rape Mentions, Cutting, Death Story: Awesome, compelling, wonderful, addictive. Love! (Funny how I noticed more details/paid more attention while listening than I did reading… I seem to skim even when I'm enjoying myself. o_O) 5 starsNarration: Good basic narrative, no complaints about voices or accents. Some pronunciations that made me take notice because they weren't what I'm used to, but never mind those. What did annoy was the mispronunciation of "sangue" as "sang-wey," when in book 2 it's pronounced "sang." "B.O.W." is also pronounced differently from book 2. (And the AB website has a pronunciation guide that shows these book 1 pronunciations to be wrong… *cringe*) 3.5 stars

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Couldn't put it down-- unique take on the supernatural and good world building.

4.5 stars


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