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Wonderful Wonder World (2010)

Wonderful Wonder World (2010)

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About book Wonderful Wonder World (2010)

Alice in the Country of Hearts is like Ouran High School Host Club set in Wonderland. I would best describe this as a shojo fantasy manga that is really all about a romance with multiple suiters with the world acting a backdrop. It's good to make this clear right off the bat, if you're expecting an adventure manga set in a sprawling Wonderland you won't find that here. In this adaptation, our Alice is well in her teen years when she's kidnapped by a white rabbit who takes her to Wonderland to play out a mysterious game where her subconscious disiares are manifested. Needless to say Alice isn't too happy with the results. Turns out her subconscious is frilly, lonely, and pining for the boy she lost to someone else. But in order to go home she has to navigate Wonderland's many characters as each of them fall helplessly in love with her much to her dismay.A lot of the classic characters from Wonderland are re-imagined as the classic male archetypes you'd expect to see in shojo. This is part of the reason I'm so quick to compare it to Ouran Host Club. We have a straightforward female character surrounded by romantic, eccentric men with a strong dash of humour.From this first volume I'm incredibly interested to see where this goes. I found that there was a surprising amount of times I laughed and I'm looking forward to seeing these characters more fully explored. I am a huge fan of Alice retelling and adaptations, from Disney, to the live action adaptations, to Syfy's Alice, so this is right in my wheel house! I am one happy ducky to have found this series and am seriously surprised I hadn't come across this sooner! (review for the series)This was short. Its a psychological shoujo ; It starts like any other Alice in wonderland retelling, she falls down the hole but this time its because the rabbit abducts her: that is possible because every single character ( cheshire cat,the hatter, the catterpillar, and of course, the white rabbit himself) is some cute guy falling head over heels for Alice. This world shows her unconscient needs and desires. So of course, everyone whom she meets comes to love her. It is interesting, but after a little while it gets tirering. I also did not like that much the mafia thing. I cant see where they would find the guns,and it felt too modern to actually fit the world. I really liked it none the less. If you know of any other alice in wonderland manga do tell me ! :)

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this by far my favorite manga ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun story; can't wait to see where it leads!

This was amazing!!!!!!!!! I WANT MORE!

Muy raro... Pero lo seguiré leyendo.


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