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Alice Au Royaume De Coeur (Alice In The Country Of Hearts), Vol. 1 (2000)

Alice Au Royaume De Coeur (Alice In The Country Of Hearts), Vol. 1 (2000)

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About book Alice Au Royaume De Coeur (Alice In The Country Of Hearts), Vol. 1 (2000)

I love this new take on Alice in Wonderland, it's interesting. I also like Alice, she's not too polite and too nice like many other shojo main characters (I really hate those girls, their so annoying, so I'm glad that Alice is different, plus she's not afraid to speak her mind).My book blog: nazishreads.netMy twitter account: @NazishTVDSwiftMy Instagram accounts: @nazishreads, @nrcharmed01, and @nrh20justaddwaterAnd I also have a facebook fan page for my blog. Alice in the Country of Hearts is a fantasy manga that puts an interesting spin on the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. With a darker twist on it (don't let the lightly colored and playful looking cover fool you!) and a bit of a romantic subplot in it, it was a different read from what I normally do enjoy in manga and actually pretty clever at some parts.Normally I shy away from spins on Alice in Wonderland (from me having a bad experience with some other books who tried to put their own spin on the classic tale), but this one actually caught my eye. The characters are interesting and neat and come from the classic characters in Alice in Wonderland but with some of their own personalities (different from the original characters, of course) and own background histories, the back stories are original, none of the less, and weren't cheesy like I thought they might be. And this particular manga had a rather original spin on Alice in Wonderland. Through the whole manga 'Wonderland' takes place in a almost dreamlike state that you can either pick is all part of Alice'ssubconscious or is truly real and is happening. Though confusing at times, it was an interesting take on the story.Also, the art was completely gorgeous in this book , with all the lovely frills and lace design on dresses and slightly more goth look on the men and the Queen of Hearts, I must say this manga artist has one of the prettiest styles I have ever seen!The book was a quick read but kept my attention all the way through. Though not a completely completing manga and rarely, but occasionally, lacking a bit in the plot (sometimes I could see parts that weren't really necessary), Alice in the Country of Hearts is a nice and quick manga for anyone looking for a quick fantasy read, I will be picking up the second volume!

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love these books and I really want them not that I can find them in Eng *sigh*

Very interesting ending. Will have to keep reading now, haha. XD

Awesome loved all the characgers and the twist of the story

Kinda creepy and funny and the same time

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