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Alicja W Krainie Serc ~Wonderful Wonder World~ (2011)

Alicja w krainie serc ~Wonderful Wonder World~ (2011)

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About book Alicja W Krainie Serc ~Wonderful Wonder World~ (2011)

This really was not my favorite and I doubt I'll continue the series. The beginning was interesting and I love the art, but I hate the story. It quickly descends into madness, which I suppose makes sense but it became too confusing for me to care. I'm also completely biased against "adaptations", which I can't help but view as little more than fan-fiction... which I view as useless thievery. To each their own, though. If you enjoy the shojo tradition of every male in the area falling over themselves for the main character, you will not be disappointed in this story. My book group picked this as one of our October reads, so I picked it up for that purpose. I also, thankfully, got the book used, so I didn't waste too much money on it. To be honest, it started almost as if it were a more realistic version of the traditional story - the girl sees a talking rabbit, while she'd been resting in the garden, and figures she's dreaming. I thought that was cute and something that I could see happening to pretty much every girl. But it all goes downhill from there. She's abducted by someone who's "in love" with her, gets sexually harassed by him and many of the others in Wonderland (where "everyone will love her"). She also ends up constantly being in the midst of violence that terrifies her and makes no sense (which I'll give a bit of leeway to, since it IS an Alice in Wonderland retelling). She's essentially being held in Wonderland as a prisoner, since when she arrived, the rabbit forced her to drink some medicine from a vial by drinking it himself and kissing her against her will, and pushing the medicine into her mouth. Because she then ingested it, she's told she's stuck there until she meets enough people to get the vial full of her emotions again. Blech. We're also supposed to be figuring out what each character represents in her subconscious, but since we're given so very little information about her, we can't possibly figure out more than the obvious one that Alice explains vaguely to us in the beginning. So after awhile, it just got frustrating and more about the Wonderland characters than her psyche.And I'm sorry, but kidnapping what appears to be a teenager, forcing yourself on her, having multiple people want to seduce her (some against her will), and then finding out that some also want to kill her is just kinda icky, for me. After reading it, I found out from someone in the book group (She-Geeks) that it had another storyline before this one, and that all of the manga were based on a game. The additional information was interesting, but not enough for me to want to continue reading this series, since it just seemed too full of sexual harassment for my tastes.

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Didn't suck but not really a series I'm likely to pursue.

i love it


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