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Wishing For Someday Soon (2012)

Wishing for Someday Soon (2012)

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Tiffany King

About book Wishing For Someday Soon (2012)

4.5/5Kevin se robó mi corazón! Es el hermanito menor que no tengo!!!lo AME! ame su relación con su hermana, como quería protegerla pero no podía. yo hubiera hecho lo mismo que kat. A quien odio con todo mi corazón es a la madre de ellos, la nota que bajo es por el final, tenía que haber venganza. no debía terminar tan a la ligera. Eso fue lo único que no me agrado.El resto estuvo perfecto, lloré mares y ame el libro I took this book to the beach with me and could not have asked for a better summer read! Although the topics addressed in this book are at times heavy the writing style is light and engaging. The protagonist Katelyn does not let her circumstances define her and tries her best to keep putting one foot forward for her and her brother. This quality makes both her and her brother refreshing characters. It has a dash of romantic love to swell the heart but do not be fooled, it's more than just a typical teenage love story. It's a classic coming of age story told through today's modern point of view. I truly hope that if you are questioning reading this book you get it someday soon. :)

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This story. I cant help but ask for more!!! Love love loved it.

it was so beautiful, i like sad strories with happy ending

Tiffany King can't write for peanuts.

Okay good. :)

no,just no.

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