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Wildwood (2011)

Wildwood (2011)

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006202468X (ISBN13: 9780062024688)
Balzer + Bray

About book Wildwood (2011)

I wasn't a fan of this, which was a shame. It seemed like the kind of book I would have gravitated toward when I was younger and I was intrigued to see how the lead singer of The Decemberists wrote. That, coupled with Amanda Plummer reading the audiobook and it seemed like a sure thing. Unfortunately, I didn't care for how Plummer performed the reading. The voices sounded much too young for the age of the characters and very whiny. The story itself just wasn't compelling enough for me even though the interaction between the humans and the animals was kind of fascinating. I really wanted to like it, but in the end, it was a little disappointing. Prue is convinced that her brother Mac has been kidnapped by a murder of crows. She follows the crows into the forbidden forest to rescue her brother. She soon discovers that her brother has been kidnapped at the behest of the nefarious Alexandra. Prue's parents struck a deal with Alexandra to help them conceive in return for their second child. The book draws on a variety of folktales to create a new tale with cartoon illustrations. The book would be appropriate to share as bed time read aloud story for young children. It would also be appropriate for older independent readers between nine and twelve. Children that enjoy fantasy and folktales may also enjoy this story. It is slightly long at 500 pages, which may deter some readers.

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This first book is a bit odd at first but i think it's pretty good overall.

Tästä tuli Narnia mieleen, ihan mukava tarina.

Worst narrator EVER. Run away!

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